Sunday, June 26, 2016

The 'S' and 'J' trees

Do you like the little Banzai trees?  Have you seen the trees that someone patiently formed into chairs or animals over a period of many years?

While hiking the Appalachian Trail I had the idea of tying knots in small trees as a novelty.  I was going back in a few years to see them. Of course I forgot where I did the deed.

So since I will be here a couple more weeks, I have decided to make an 'S' tree for Stella.  So when it is set to shape we can plant it and remember her youth with the 'S' Tree.

I found a very skinny tree. I will tighten it up as it gets used to the position now.

Then there will be an attempt to make a 'J' Tree for Jude. Now a J is a challenge. but I have two going in hopes that one will make it.  These are much younger trees:
Number  1.  

Then #2 a little younger. both of these are in the same pot:

(This one will be a J from the other side! LOL)
In a moment of thinking about crazy things, this was my idea. I hope I can get them to live.  I am not too good with the green thumb thing, that was my mama (and sisters)

Well at least I am trying.  LOL
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This is a 1938 Plexiglas Pontiac so folks could see the inside of it.
And then again, I guess there may be a little room on the VW to hide it.  LOL


Unknown said...

I have never heard of this hope it turns out like you planned. Maybe I will
look on the internet to see one..You have to tell them to keep it watered.


That is the sweetest gesture. I hope it works out. A clever idea.

Lisa said...

By george I think your on to something here. Hope it works out. This will be a life long reminder to them of great memories.

Love from hot Gtown

betty said...

Such a cute idea! I like it with your attempts to make the 2 trees. I hope they thrive and grow just like Stella and Jude will!


Paula said...

Leave it to you to try something like this. Such a cute idea for you grandkids.

Mevely317 said...

That's a splendid idea, Jack!

BTW, I finished reading The Appalachian Trail last night and thoroughly enjoyed every sentence! What an education and amusement you've given this desk jockey!

Unknown said...

Very creative idea with the trees.