Sunday, June 26, 2016

The 'S' and 'J' trees

Do you like the little Banzai trees?  Have you seen the trees that someone patiently formed into chairs or animals over a period of many years?

While hiking the Appalachian Trail I had the idea of tying knots in small trees as a novelty.  I was going back in a few years to see them. Of course I forgot where I did the deed.

So since I will be here a couple more weeks, I have decided to make an 'S' tree for Stella.  So when it is set to shape we can plant it and remember her youth with the 'S' Tree.

I found a very skinny tree. I will tighten it up as it gets used to the position now.

Then there will be an attempt to make a 'J' Tree for Jude. Now a J is a challenge. but I have two going in hopes that one will make it.  These are much younger trees:
Number  1.  

Then #2 a little younger. both of these are in the same pot:

(This one will be a J from the other side! LOL)
In a moment of thinking about crazy things, this was my idea. I hope I can get them to live.  I am not too good with the green thumb thing, that was my mama (and sisters)

Well at least I am trying.  LOL
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This is a 1938 Plexiglas Pontiac so folks could see the inside of it.
And then again, I guess there may be a little room on the VW to hide it.  LOL


Unknown said...

I have never heard of this hope it turns out like you planned. Maybe I will
look on the internet to see one..You have to tell them to keep it watered.


That is the sweetest gesture. I hope it works out. A clever idea.

Lisa said...

By george I think your on to something here. Hope it works out. This will be a life long reminder to them of great memories.

Love from hot Gtown

betty said...

Such a cute idea! I like it with your attempts to make the 2 trees. I hope they thrive and grow just like Stella and Jude will!


Paula said...

Leave it to you to try something like this. Such a cute idea for you grandkids.

Mevely317 said...

That's a splendid idea, Jack!

BTW, I finished reading The Appalachian Trail last night and thoroughly enjoyed every sentence! What an education and amusement you've given this desk jockey!

Unknown said...

Very creative idea with the trees.

Unknown said...

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