Saturday, June 18, 2016

I don't like it

No one likes it when they have a bad day.  There are times I do not handle a bad day well.

Today started off as a good day. I had the foresight to order extra A/C Gaskets the last time I replaced them. So I had the gasket on hand.  

As most folk know most RV A/C units are on the roof. To keep them from leaking they have a heavy duty gasket. You can imagine the gasket takes a beating balancing the heavy A/C units over thousands of miles, many of those rough roads. So the gasket was shot.

(I do not know why, but Old barns give me a good feeling)

I have changed about 8 of them over the years so the job was done in a couple hours, along with checking the front A/C unit and tightening it some.  We finished cleaning the stained ceiling from last nights episode. So all is well.  That is until.........

On the trip to and from Florida I had a 'Low Coolant' light show up, I checked both times, yep it was low so I added.  The engine never did get over heated.

(I admire anyone for even thinking about this this building!)

So I finally had time today to look at the engine.  Bad news.  Water is coming from the area all the work was done last month.  Water coming from the head.  Most mechanics, (EVEN THE NOVICE) know, THIS AIN'T GOOD.

So Monday, I must pay Mr. Mechanic a visit to learn my options.

But no matter the outcome, I thought the posted pictures were good.  And things could be much worse, there are wrecks, strokes and heart attacks, and I did not have either.

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Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures here to get your mind in a better mood. I hate to hear there are more problems with your wheelestate but im sure you will have her back out in no time. Looks like only a minor set back.

Take this time to enjoy your Fathers Day weekend.

Unknown said...

Like the old barn pictures. They do their job when built and then they age and still tell a beautiful story. Hope you get your home fixed.. We would be happy if you would decide to stay here with us. Maybe the wild will stop calling soon. Stella and Jude wants you to stay...does that help.

Woody said...

Glad you got the AC fixed, sorry to hear about the water leak, that can be fixed, I have had a stroke, by-pass surgery, and now up to 11 heart stents and back problems, but my feet hit the floor this morning, I thanked the good Lord for for a hopefully a good day, My Honey has to have another shot in lower back due to pain.

Every day we can go do something is a great day and everyday we are forced to sit home is also a great day as we have each other.
you 2 take care, love from the hot, humid North Country !!
Gary & Anna Mae

betty said...

You have a great attitude about this, Jack, but I do agree, seeing the water in the engine would be what I wouldn't want to see either. Hope it is something "minor" and quickly fixed! Glad the AC though got fixed.

Love the buildings with the piano and guitar!


Mevely317 said...

Dang it, Jack! I'm so sorry to hear of these challenges ... but love your perspective! When someone at work exclaims, "Can things get ANY worse?", thank goodness there's usually someone else around to remind him/her to watch their words ... the the Universe loves a challenge.

Are you familiar with the Echoes of Time website on Facebook? Those olden photos are mesmerizing. Here's the link:

Paula said...

Wishing you a nice Father's Day tomorrow and hope you get your problem righted soon.


Me thinks the mechanic OWES you more than a list of options if the head gasket is blown after the repair work you had done... GOOD LUCK. A positive attitude works but having a bad day does get under your skin. Take a deep breath and figure out how this all can get fixed. Maybe it's time to TRADE-IN the RV for something else?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

When it rains it pours they say and it sounds like you are having a deluge there. Sorry to hear the news about your gasket. Hopefully it's something that isn't too expensive or time consuming to fix. You are right, things could be worse. Hope you have a Happy Fathers Day! It's a beautiful morning in Ohio.

Rick Watson said...

Didn't you recently have major engine work done on the RV? Could it be somehow related.