Monday, October 2, 2017

Dogs, the loving pet

I have known many dogs in my life.  I really think the term ‘Man’s Best Friend’ is appropriate.’  Cats can be company even a friend at a distance. I can only remember one cat, close, in my life, Tom, from Shelby, NC. I think Tom belonged to the house we moved into.  Somehow cats seem to associate with places, rather than families. I think cats are more photogenic.

The few times Tom allowed me to hold him he cuddled a little, but what I remember was his ‘motor’. I was less than 5 years old but that purring sounded like a little motor inside him.  When me moved thirty or thirty five miles away, after three years we took Tom with us. Bingo (family dog) and Tom were in separate cages in the trailer.

(Me, Mark and Jack jr holding their (GITMO) dog Grouch, the only dog that could climb a tree.)

When I let Tom out of his cage he took off like a shot and I never saw him again at that house.  The next time I saw Tom was when we visited  the place we had lived, there was Tom. I called, but as usual, he was very independent. If he wanted to come he would, otherwise he just looked around or ignored me.

Bingo, the mixed family dog, would cuddle anyone who would pay her attention or hold her.  So I think early I chose ‘the dog’ in my mind, as a pet.

Funny things have happened over the years concerning dogs. The one thing I have noticed folks who have pedigreed dogs and folks who have adopted strays or pound dogs, ALL love them and are loved the same. Most of ours were strays, and one pedigreed dog with no papers. All were LOVED.
Incidents: We met an engineer and his wife on the AT who was in charge of building a skyscraper in Charlotte, NC. They were hiking with their two dogs. Our first encounter with trail dogs. They had small harnesses and back packs and carried their own food and water. The next day as we were hiking along the trail we heard a noise behind and stepped to the side to let the hikers by. It was the two dogs, by themselves, they passed us without hardly acknowledging us.

We laughed, had we not known who they were with, we would have thought  they were hiking the trail alone with packs. LOL The owners were ahead and they were following the scent.
(This was Mel and Slim's dog Brandy (?) I think. She crossed over the bridge soon after this. She was so loving and looked like Mieska)
Another time we met Mieska, a big red Lab hiking with her owner. One rainy night I had to get up to use the bathroom and came back to my sleeping bag, Mieska was in my sleeping bag. I had to urge her out and she snuggled up to my sleeping bag. For the night.
 (This is Charlie not long before he left his humans Buddy & Di.)

Life is interesting, pets, especially dogs can make life fun and pleasant. Dogs are great sounding boards, I do love ‘em.

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betty said...

That had to be funny to encounter those dogs doing the trail "alone" until they caught up with their owners. Never had a cat, probably never will; highly doubtful another dog will grace our home, but enjoyed the few we had, especially a little corgi :)



appreciated hearing about the dogs and your cat. i love both.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love dogs and cats and have had both. They are faithful friends and loving companions for sure. I enjoyed see those in your life and got a laugh out of the dog car in the last picture. A smile is always appreciated!

Chatty Crone said...

My sister is a forensic psychologist. Now she told me if you die and you have a cat they will eat you. If you have a dog they will die next to you. Sorry - is this too much info? I thought it was interesting.

I love your cat - so cute. They are independent. I am just so allergic to them!

Lisa said...

I choose not to have a pet because I do not want the responsibility or the allergy upsets. But I do love to pet and hug good dogs that I come across. I think I would own a cat before a dog for the simple fact they can take care of themselves and are less needy. I can picture those trail dogs. I bet they were adorable.

I'm hold another found kitten right now.

shirl72 said...

I know you remember our Dog Chancy==she lived to be 21 years old a standard poodle. She was a smart dog and loved people.

Rick Watson said...

Since Jilda and I married, we've never been without a dog. I guess we are dog people.
We have three right now and their personalities triangular. But they get along and they give us joy.

Mevely317 said...

After Caraleigh passed I didn't much want another dog. But now - even though they're pains in the *** -- I can't imagine our lives without Macie and Gracie.
Sometimes I feel inadequate to love them with the same ardor they feel for us.

PS - Does this mean (maybe, sorta?) you and Sherry are thinking of adopting a fur baby?

Dar said...

Throughout my lifetime, I'd had many a dog, cat, pet mink, and many farm animals....all were loved for their individual personalities. Mel's dog Brandy, she was quite the gem. She'd greet me every time with her slimy teddy bear and need immediate attention of scratches behind her ears. My family favorite tho, was a cat, Palmer, Mel called her the kitten from hell as she didn't approve of her cigarettes and would slap it out of her hand.
Yes, love the pets of all kinds. Today we enjoy them from afar, Andy has a couple of awesome well behaved dogs we welcome.
love n' hugs from our north. It poured out today so I visited Mom at the farm. She's doing well, I know you'd want to know.