Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Those Good Night Stories

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                        Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller
And then:

Those Good Night Stories
Tell me a story, tell me a story,
Tell me a story then I’ll go to bed.
You promised me you said you would,
You got give in so I’ll be good.
****    *****    ****    ****   ***
Do you remember that little ditty and did you tell bed time stories?
Mama told and read stories, until Shirl and I started school we had bed time stories if at all possible.

Of course being raised in a parsonage most of our stories were Bible Stories. I loved them. My mama could make them come alive. Of course all of them weren’t from the Bible but they all had a good moral fiber running thru them.

 I grew up with stories, even in public schools.  Some of our memory work up to the third grade in elementary school was from the Bible. Do you remember Object lessons, flash card stories, flannel graphs or chalk stories?

Looking back it is amazing how my mind seemed to see the stationary flannel graph pictures have action. Stories have been a big part of my adult life. As a professional storyteller I could use some of my best stories over and over, having the pleasure of sharpening them. My most personally embarrassing week was a group of kids in NYC, who evidently had NEVER been exposed to storytelling or at least very little, I used the week’s material in one night and they were begging for more. I spent a lot of time putting together the rest of the week to have a satisfying ending.  What a great group of kids, I think of the 100 kids every nationality was represented.

I used to tell the grand kids stories when they spent the night with us. 

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betty said...

I loved telling stories to the kids when they were younger and reading to them. I like the flannel boards for telling stories, especially if you engage the kids to help put the pictures on it as the story unfolds. Opens it more up to them I think.



i like storytelling. it's what we do as bloggers for an adult audience. but i remember telling stories to my young ones years ago too.

Lisa said...

I do not remember Mom and Daddy reading me stories before bed but I do remember the bed time prayers. Mom or Dad would sit on the side of the bed and we would pray the bad dreams and boogy mans away. I was always a bad dreamer. We would do the “now I lay me down to sleep” prayer and at the end Id “God bless” every person or thing I knew. Usually until mom would say, “Ok Amen”. I used this time mainly to stall sleep.
I always read my daughter bed time stories.

Love your stories

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I get to read stories to one of my grandson's that stays over night once in awhile. He always brings one or two books along. He goes to the library and brings them home. The last one was a story about a bugger that turned into a super here. I had to laugh at that one, the other was a story of a pirate that ate a ship...oh dear I thought, how children's stories have changed...I think we need more with the morals included and less of the funny ones, but then we also need that light and funny side too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Instead of bugger, I thing it should be booger...It was kind of gross

Mevely317 said...

I'd forgotten about flannel boards!
So fortunate to remember my parent's bedtime stories -- particularly, daddy's 'make-up' tales. My favorite one was the little boy who was granted 3 wishes. When #3 came about, he said, "I wish for 3 more wishes!"
... I thought my dad was the smartest guy, ever.

Dar said...

I do remember bed time stories and stories around the fireplace evenings. Dad usually was the story teller, basing most stories around truths of his growing up. I loved them and remember them still. As a mom and grandmom, the story time has continued., most loved were the Dr. Suess books and Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm. They are worn but still requested. thanks for the fond memories reminded.
love n' hugs from up north.......another chilly day but with sunshine.