Sunday, October 8, 2017

My memory takes vacations.

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Internet was sketchy today, but it looks like it may stay long enough to post a blog entry.

I know you are probably tired of hearing about ‘sick.’’
I had a friend once who seemed to be always tired or sick.  However when he would say he was sick he would always qualify that by saying, and I am not normally a sickly person.

To the man’s credit, maybe he forgot he was sick two weeks ago, or just plain worn out yesterday.  I honestly think I have that problem because I think I haven’t been sick in years, but my girl would tell it different. I forget stuff, but that girl has saved us a lot of trouble because of her great recall.

Just today she noted I mailed a letter yesterday that should have contained a check. She did not see a deduction in the check book, so she asked, “DID you put a check in that letter yesterday that you mailed?”

(She could have said, “I know you did not send cash in that letter yesterday, I bet you forgot the check, didn’t you?”  But she didn’t. Shucks, she didn’t even say ‘AGAIN’.)

I know my face turned even more red when I said, “No baby, I guess I will mail another envelope in a few minutes would you please write the check?”  She did and we drove to the mail box with the next pickup, so both will probably arrive on the same day. I will be embarrassed, but not half as much had I got a phone call about the empty envelope.  Now all I have to do is send an e-mail explaining payment was so large it took two envelopes. LOL.

I know no one out there is as forgetful, if so I do hope you have some help. You are blessed if the help is sweet, beautiful and a great friend

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PS: I have always preferred to work when sick if I was able and not contagious.  If I am going to feel bad I would rather have a detractor with something to do rather that lay around. 
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Paula said...

Sherry is so nice to have around, isn't she? I try to be but I got a little perturbed today. I just planned to go get a prescription at Walgreens and John wanted me to go to Walmart to buy more Fruit punch. He needs to be drinking more water. He has lots of Gator Aid. We're running out of space.


good thing you gently were reminded about the check. no harm done.

betty said...

You and Sherry are a great team working together, complimenting each other in your strengths and weaknesses.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good thing your gal is there to co the checks and balances for you. We all make mistakes, we are all human and it's nice to have someone to go hand in hand with along lines journey. As far as I know a good rest and a long sleep is some of the best medicine in the doctor book. Take good care!

Lisa said...

I'm like you on Sick. I'd rather work and go about my daily activities if I can. I would probably do more staying home anyways. ha.
As I get older, I have "problems" usually pain (or earringing), but as far as being flu like sick, never. I have been to the doctor the most ever in my life this year. I'm paying for it too! I think doctors get 200.00 a minute. Nothing was ever found wrong by the way even though I have constant chest pain. I'll just live with it. Ha. I should have stuck with my old saying. "Don't go to the doctor unless you run a fever". I'll keep to that for now on.

from the desk

shirl72 said...

Brother you have to much on your mind. I feel the same way come time and where am I and what is the day. I think these things happen as we grow
older. I don't like to say that but I am there and you are right behind me.

Mevely317 said...

Boy, I'd like to say, "Whaaaat?"
... Except Tom and I are right there with you. It's not unusual for me to get to the end of our street then do a U-turn to make sure I'd put the garage door down ... or turn off the stove ... or lock the back door.

I, too, would rather go into the office if I'm feeling off. Not only is it a distraction, but I've a former paramedic in the next office. LOL!

Dar said...

Boy, do I hear ya! Just recently when I was so sick, I should have been resting but things kept having to be pumpkins, tomatoes, feeding the gets in the way sometimes when we just don't ' feel like moving,' but we do anyway. Feel better sooner than later. As for that memory thing, shove that under the table too. It's all part of life a little more each year. Get some rest, my friend. I know, easy for me to say.
love n' hugs from up north of a lot of state borders.