Thursday, October 5, 2017

the ringing of the bell

Historical Photo
Florida's last Civil war soldier beside the most most modern plane at the time, 1955

It seems so nice not to have an obligation. I can tinker here at the house and catch up on the coach repairs needed.  We are looking forward to this porch screening. 

Son Mark knows I like brass bells. The nautical bells. Aboard ship time is measured in bells. Bells sound on the hour and half hour. Some ships go round the clock, some stop at ten and commence at 0500.  Mark gave me a bell last year and I hung it on my workshop. During the day I had a habit of walking by and giving it a ring or two. It was sort of a fun thing for an old sailor.

Yesterday I started to reach for the short chain just as a wasp came out of the bell, WHOA. I eased down, looked up and the entire bell on the inside was active with wasps milling around the nest that was around the ringer doing whatever wasps do.  Needless to say I did not ring the bell! Mostly wasps and other insects or bugs go their way and I mine (except mosquitoes & flies). I can sit in the swing and allow the wasp, yellow jacket or bee to fly all around knowing they won’t actually bother me if I do not bother them. (Note: Not so my girl!)

Anyway in the next day or two I must eliminate the wasp nest. I have a sore throat and sound like a frog. I guess the mortar will have time to really set up. Before I start with the aluminum framing for the screen wire. LOL

Nite Shipslog

All these cars were new when the old Civil war vet had his picture  taken.


Chatty Crone said...

Be careful - Rick got stung by quite a few once and it hurt! Hope your throat feels better.

betty said...

Wow, what an interesting place to build a wasp nest! Glad you saw that earlier than later! Hope you feel better soon!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Take it easy and feel better soon. It's a blessing to go at your own agenda where you can do just that. Having wasps is a problem you will want to get rid of for sure. I had a small nest in my mailbox early this past spring and definitely got rid of that as soon as I could. I sprayed it well then flipped the thing out with a stick as quickly as I could. Thankfully what wasps that flew out were slow moving. They haven't returned so I guess the spray did the trick.

Mevely317 said...

Again, you find the most arresting olden photos! I wonder what was going through that old veteran's mind.

Sure hope your sore throat's improving; that you'll rest and let Dr. Sherry have her way with you. :)


hope your throat heals soon. be leery ridding yourself of that wasp nest. you might get stung.

Lisa said...

If I see just one wasp or bee, I turn into a ninja doing all kinds of crazy moves. I get skeerd. My daughter go her first ever bee sting last week when A yellow jacket faught for her apple cider. We are glad to get that out of the way because we didnt know if she was allergic to them or no being that she will swell up with only a mosquito bite. Luckely, she did fine with the bee sting. I told her im glad it wasnt a wasp. They hurt worst!

Be careful!