Friday, October 6, 2017

Tomorrow I will ring the bell!

Iron Hawk, chieftain of the Lakota Oglala, 1899

Well the Wasps are taking care of.

 We bought some aluminum for the screen framing.

One of my Christmas presents came in. It is a 9x7 roll out awning. I was disappointed when it said it required two healthy folk to install it. I ordered it to go over the storage/workshop front doors.  It works surprisingly well. I like it.

It is the same idea if the awnings in the early 40-50 era that shop keepers had over their entrance.

I unpacked it and it looked simple.  So  I  mounted it and it works well.

I have pictures somewhere, but I do not know where they went. So if I cannot find them I will put more tomorrow.

I am beat and shot.. Thanks for stopping by.

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1957 Chevy the dream of many boy and girl


betty said...

Glad the wasps are all sorted out! Get some rest!



glad you got rid of the wasps with no trouble. bet the awnings look nice. rest up.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You must be feeling better with all you are getting done. Awnings are nice to have when you step out the door. Nice to get an early Christmas present!

Lisa said...

Glad you got those wops cleared away (thats what I used to call them, ha). Get some rest!

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Dar said...

Glad the wasps are no longer a ' stingin' possibility. and that the awning is up and working well. I used to love those storefront awnings. You seldom see them anymore. It sounds like your projects are coming along quickly. I'm not surprised.
love n' hugs from up north where the cabin is full of prospective and active hunters. They are mentoring the youth and prepping for the Nov. deer hunt. Pork roast and potato dumplings, saurkraut, applesauce and Sy made an Slab Apple Pie...yum yum~

Dar said...

oops, I was thinking of your sore throat.......Bill had one too after working with mixing mortar.....just a thought. Take care.
love n' hugs from way up north of ya