Saturday, October 28, 2017

Speaking of late payments and a SPECIAL birthday, #80

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I never wanted to work in a mine, but after going down into a couple of them, I sure respect the men who did.
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Late payments
We have made it a practice to never be late on payments even if we had to shorten something else. I have always noticed late charges. They are normally $3-$6 if paid late, BUT I just noticed this bill here in Deltona, FL for water/sewer.

Current charges…..$35.83
If processed charge is posted after 4:30 11/27/17
Charges are ………….$102.38

I was shocked.  I cannot imagine kicking someone that hard for being late.  We ‘auto pay’ so we should never be late, but the idea offends me, unless the city has experienced floods of late payers.

We are very blessed. There have been some tight times in our lives, but we have never went hungry or not been able to pay our bills. For the most of our lives we have both worked. Except for the first few years of our sons lives Sherry was a working lady. She enjoyed that short portion of her life when she was a stay at home mom.  My girl has always had a very good work ethic. Never missed work and even brought home work she could not finish at her desk.

She is special, especially to me! But also her friends and the bosses she has worked for.  This girl has received a suitcase of ‘awards’ for the things she has done.  I am so proud of her.

My girl is especially cognoscente of her church. No matter where we travel, each month (at her direction) I write a letter to accompany our tithe and gifts to the local church. I adored her mama, Susie. What a mentor for Sherry. Sherry taught me a lot about finances. Much she learned from her mom.  Susie was the master of managing finances.

With a birthday coming up, she shudders at the number ‘80’, but I smile.  I am so lucky, blessed and happy that I still have her in my life. Heck, I am just a few months behind her, but we are both here, that is worth all the gold in the world.

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 My girl in Biloxi, Mississippi, expecting Jack Jr. During one of here stay at home mom days. With our '53Plymouth
After JJr was born, she was much happier and a newer car, '55 Ford. Kirksville, Missouri


Chatty Crone said...

You and Sherry are so blessed. I wish her the best birthday ever.

betty said...

Boy the water company in Deltona wants to make it an extra incentive for people to pay on time! That is quite a jump in late payments! We do a lot of auto pays too.

Money management is a gift; seems like it was a great one Sherry's mom had that she passed down to Sherry; sure have benefited the two of you very well!

It is impossible to think both of you will be turning 80 in the time ahead. You are too fit to be "that old."


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You two are very blessed and I'd say 80 years young, not old at all. I've always been able to pay bills on time too, but sadly there are those that don't. I wonder if that late fee works on getting payments in on time. Seems if someone couldn't pay on time, they also wouldn't be able to pay the late fee. I guess we can count ourselves lucky not to worry about it.

Lisa said...

I just wrote a big comment but it never showed up so this one is a test. Grrrrrrr.

Mevely317 said...

That water/sewer levy is INSANE!!! 'Wish I could say I've never been guilty. Before the banks grew wise, I'd send a post-dated check. (Hanging head ...)

That last photograph is wonderful ... love how Sherry's face just lights up when she looks at you. Like a model!


happy birthday to sherry. enjoy.