Sunday, October 1, 2017

Just a post

(Historical Photo)

                     (This is Coney Island 1940, can you imagine? I can not!))

Now today's post:

We are now in Florida. Of course unless something untoward happens to the family or the very unexpected or a good thing comes to pass, like winning the lottery, we are here until spring.  LOL (I would hate to diagram that sentence.)

Did you like to diagram a sentence? That was the only thing I liked about English class. I should have paid more attention to Verb Conjugation. LOL

My favorite classes were Math (Algebra), Shop and recess! I attended school with only one goal in mind. That being 16 yrs of age so I could drop out, and start my attempts to join the military.

Looking back I admired boys and girls who knew what they wanted to do in their adult life. I had no set occupation, but it was blue collar because I did not intend to go to college.

I have several years of college, they were like my life, sort of unsettled. I started college for Civil Engineering. Dropped out after a year. I attended college night classes in data processing. Programming in Cobol and Fortran. You can imagine the use for those antiques. Later in life I tried Electronics Engineering but could not adjust to the new way of thinking from early computers I worked on.

Now that I think I am a writer, I say to myself, “You should have paid close attention to ENGLISH.”  I get a little embarrassed when my proofers point out my goofs. My books are heavily sprinkled with those. I seldom turn a page that doesn’t have a note, or red line on it.

BTW my new book ‘Our RV Life, Full Timing” is available now on Amazon and Create Space.  It is also an e-book for 99 cents.

As you can see I have nothing for tonight. I am trying to get used to my new keyboard. I ordered a new one and it is very sensitive. I cannot slur across a key or I double key. I hope you have a good day or evening we are certainly going to try. Walking here is easy because every street has sidewalks.  (Sherry says, 'yes but the grass sometimes encroaches.')
We get to wave and sometimes speak to the folks in the neighborhood. Hey, life is good. (I got a bunch of kisses today!  Don't tell anyone but that girl is still the best kisser in the world!)

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                          1940 Ford P/u


Mevely317 said...

That image from Coney Island makes me shudder! ... Now that's the stuff where panic attacks are born.

I loved English and journalism while in high school. Unfortunately, those subjects that matter (math and science) were nearly my downfall. Seriously, I suspect my teachers only passed me out of compassion.

So glad you're back in the Sunshine state and among nice neighbors. I'm looking forward to your next adventures!

betty said...

I loved diagramming sentences. So much fun! I bet they don't teach that any more because neither child brought home assignments with it. I would always do the extra credit sentences only because it was so fun to do! Glad today was a great day with extra kisses all around!



just ordered a copy of the ebook. can't wait to dive in.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you are settled in and that the book is now for sale. Hope to get a copy for my Kindle. I read the last one about Johnny and enjoyed it.

shirl72 said...

Glad you are having a good time. You will be missed but I know you both like the Florida weather. We are still warm here and beautiful. We need rain but it was not in the forecast until next Sunday.

Woody said...

Glad you are settled down for awhile !!!! Now Behave !!!
Gary & Anna Mae

Paula said...

Enjoy your stay in Florida. Sure would like to have a pick-up like that one at the bottom.

Dar said...

I was to Coney Island once in my lifetime in the late 60's, it was Nothing like that. I'm sooo glad you are settling in. My prayers that your state for the winter has no more disasters and that you two remain totally safe and warmed with each others mushy kisses.
love n' hugs from up north where the thunder just gave me a fright. It's raining cats n' dogs.