Monday, October 9, 2017

Maverick, here, not here!

                              Historical Photo
(Man begging his wife's forgiveness just before Divorce court in Chicago 1948)

I have mentioned that we have a couple new babies coming soon in the family. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, two days ago Sherry received a picture from Mark on the cell phone with two baby pictures. One fairly clear but blurred. The other very clear. WE jumped to the conclusion, “Maverick” has been born. We looked at the pictures it looked like one picture was taken before the baby was even cleaned up. Sherry said he sure looks like Matt (the daddy).  She called Shirl and told here Maverick had arrived.  (There was no note with the pictures, Mark had just forwarded them)

Ok turns out the blurred picture was Little Maverick in the womb, he is NOT born yet. The other picture was Matthew at birth. So of course Sherry was right the clear picture looked exactly like Matt, because it was. LOL (I wouldn’t have known, most babies look alike to me!) Thank goodness we learned before we announced to the world that the baby had arrived.  When Sherry called Shirl back she said, ‘good they should have sent it back, we want some girls!’ LOL

I was amazed at the detail in the image from the womb, and the blurry shot does look like Matt.

Anyway the name ‘Maverick’ is from the video we had of Maverick. Matt watched that one EVERY time he came to our house. I think the name is sorta unique, as long as the kid isn’t vaccinated with the gambling bug.
Things are shaping up. The screening is finished except for one panel and the door. Son Mark, soon to be Mavericks grandpa, is coming up tomorrow to bring us a door. When that is installed the job of screening will be complete.

  Nite Shipslog
 1948 Fleetline Chevrolet above below the 1948 DeSoto Business coupe.



can't wait to see the finished picture of the porch. glad you got to see baby maverick. cool name.

Lisa said...

I got a laugh out of this. I like “Maverick”. I will have a new nephew “colton” in December.


betty said...

Sounds like you continue to feel a bit better! I bet all are anxious for the arrival of Maverick!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is amazing the pictures they can get of the baby even before they are born.How exciting to have another member in the family ! Glad things are going well and you are almost done with the porch.

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad you have your porch done for the most part - that was a big job. And when I see those baby pictures in the womb I have a hard time seeing what things are too!

Rick Watson said...

I love that name. I've never heard a baby named that.

Mevely317 said...

I'm not surprised those images were confusing, but yours and Sherry's is a cute story! Like Rick, I never heard that name, but I like it!

Dar said...

Oh, how I love the name Maverick and soon you and Sherry will be the greatest Great Grandparents of the little dude. How cool is that!
You kept after the screened in patio, and are feeling better too, I hope.
I can't wait for two pictures, the finished products, baby and room of relaxation.
love n' hugs from our chilly north....the grass was white with frost until nearly 9:30 this morning. Brrr. I was glad when the sun melted it. Have a nice visit with 'soon to be Grandpa Mark.' and such cool cars of the past