Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Farming and being tickled.

The Historical picture of the day:

The Gilmore-gas-a-teria
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With friend Dar up in Wisconsin telling me it is 23 degrees and the pumpkins are sold the ground tilled and firewood split they are settled in for the winter.  Here in the sunny south we have become farmers. We now have 5 blooms on the cantaloupe vines and just today a bloom on the cherry tomato plant.  We now have two banana trees (they aren’t pretty!). Being a very experienced farmer I planted my crops so they got no sunshine, they were in the shade. So TODAY was the moving day for the tomato plants. I found a place where they will get at least 3 hours sun, I hope they like it.
I was afraid to move the cantaloupes, so I explained to them if they followed the path they have taken they will see the sun in a few days. They are all seeking the sun, I think that is neat about nature how if there is a possibility they will seek sun and water.

I haven’t gotten a wagon to get my cantaloupes to market yet, but I will have one if it looks like the four plants will have a bumper crop. I will share the profit with Sister Shirl who sent them south. LOL
When we moved here Mark found us a refer for $50. It is a little noisy but it works. It has an ice maker but we were never sure if it worked. Since I am getting caught with my playing I decided to check it.  So just a few days ago I turned on the ice maker and poured water in the tray. Sure enough, it worked. I tried again, and got more ice. I came up with a route thru the cabinets and used a wire conduit along the base board for the 2 feet the little water line would have been exposed. The conduit looks like it is part of the base board. So now we can take the ice trays out of the freezer.
Tonight was Halloween (you probably knew that) we had about 5 groups stop by. They were having fun.  That’s it for us here in Deltona.
EXCEPT for a note from Dr Darnell about this wonderfully made body of ours:
It's not possible to tickle yourself. This is because when you attempt to tickle yourself you are totally aware of the exact time and manner in which the tickling will occur, unlike when someone else tickles you.

Nite Shipslog

I believe this is a 1955-56 Merc


betty said...

Glad you got to make ice again and could remove the trays from the freezer! We had 59 trick or treaters (give or take a few when we got big groups and I couldn't count them all). Of course I panicked and thought we would run out of candy so sent hubby to the store for more candy, only to have a sudden stop of activity close to 8 o'clock; so now we have leftovers (which hubby will take to work).


Rick Watson said...

We only had two trick or treaters and they were my great-nephews. We live too far in the sticks.

Lisa said...

We kept our lights out and hid like hermet crabs until trick or treat was over. We live on the West side! Haha.

Happy November

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do miss my refrigerator that made ice cubes automatically. I got spoiled by it and now the one I have is a basic model and I must fill up the trays myself. I don't use half the ice I used to. I decided that my cold drinks were good enough from the fridge and stopped adding ice. It's cold here and we may see a snowflake or two today. So I'll just try to imagine your garden growing there while I'm being thankful for having leaves to rake. Ha !


happy halloween.

~mel said...

I love my fruits and veggies; but there is one thing I can NOT eat ... can't even stand the smell of it ... and it makes me gag just to see it.... cantaloupe. I don't know where that gag reflex and all came from when it comes to the nasty buggers ... but I've had it my whole life. I can't recall ever liking it. So feel free to give my portion of the produce away.

Dar said...

Lol, Mel isn't kidding about that gag reflex with cantaloupe...I've seen it!!!
We also are out enough not to get trick or treaters so we went to Bill's deer shack, watched a doe and fawn an hour before coming in early...we both fell asleep and snored ourselves awake, scaring the deer away. And yes, still cold, but I envy you having garden possibilities this time of year. For us, it's time to rest.
love n' hugs from up north where the snow is falling again. I don't have to like it........yet

Mevely317 said...

You are so funny! Heck, if there's such a thing as the Horse Whisperer, you should have the right to be a Plant Whisperer.

Sorry to be so tardy! We handed out candy to near 100 gigglers and goblins last night.