Sunday, October 22, 2017

I enjoy the internet, as much as I know of it.

The Historical picture of the day:
(When they realized mothers were sewing clothes from their feed and flour sacks the designs increased, Yes my sister and I wore many clothes from flour sacks, 1930's)

This Modern day,
I am pretty much a simple guy here on the internet. Yes, I blog, e-mail, search (google) and even fix Sherry’s computer (Mostly by accident) at times.

But I am a neophyte. Yes, I was a computer repairman, programmer and operator but that was another world. The IBM 360 was the savior of the age. For a few years in DC, I managed an output section that printed a page a second 24hrs a day 356 days a year. BUT, BUT today? I am fortunate to know how to turn a system on. So please don’t ask me to do stuff that my grand and great grand kids can do. NOT because of age, but because of technology advances I cannot keep up with. (I bought Sherry a Fitbit and her granddaughter REECE had to turn it on)

I go to FB to wish my 'many friends' a HB (Then I get Lost). I don’t SKYPE, group, partner, Messenger, etc. Please do not ask me to forward something to the world, I don’t know how.  Don’t tell me Jesus won’t love me if I don’t Skype. Also I would not forward to the world something that ain’t true, even if it is something nasty about Obama, his wife, Hillary or even Bill himself. I don’t like gossip or undocumented ‘stories’.

I would also suggest that if you get a story that you do not know about, check it out on the net. There is a lot of negative about Snopes, but they are pretty accurate. If you doubt Snopes, there are others you can check.

I had my chain yanked by son Jack once when I repeated a great military story about ‘Mr. Roberts being a sniper with xxx kills.’ “Dad, that is a cyber myth, check it out.” I did, he was right. Don’t you hate to be wrong?

I even received a story from a cousin, whom I respect, he said, “I don’t know it the following story is correct or not, but I believe it.”  It was not true, but it supported his and my political beliefs so he believed it.  Lots of that going around.

The statement: 'it was on the internet, it must be true,' is about as good as ‘It was in the paper, it must be right’ (I know people who consider ‘The Enquirer’ a newspaper).

A fact about this wonderful body or ours:

  Sneezes regularly exceed 100 mph, while coughs clock in at about 60 mph.
(cover that mouth!)   

Nite Shipslog
PS:  to MA: No, we still have not moved into the house.  We do take baths out there at times and we are also enjoying coffee on the screened porch. WE keep thinking about moving in, but....... Sitting here is so danged convenient.  lol

1988 Caprice, it is hard to believe this is an antique!


Paula said...

When I got my first computer I was so innocent. I forwarded a picture I thought was so neat, something about an oil derrick. Soon was informed it was a fake and had been around for years. Did I feel stupid!

betty said...

I'm technology challenged. I can just do the basics and not much more. Someone explained it to my niece a few years back. We who were not exposed to the new technology of smart phones, Internet, etc., but had to learn it are like foreign people learning a second language. Some do great with it, some struggle. Those who were born after technology took off are natives. They know nothing else. They just know cell phones and iPads and Internet, etc. They learn it because it is second nature to them. We are old school; harder to teach. I can't imagine how different things will be for grandson on the way he is taught in school compared to how I was taught in school.



if not for my hubby I would be lost on the internet.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks to that answer on my question Jack! I don't mean to be nosey but my curiosity got the best of me. I can completely understand how convince would win over. I do agree about being careful what you believe on and off the internet these days. Somethings sound so believable it is difficult to believe that they are not true at all. It's a dark morning here. It hardly seems like day but it is. Hope you have a good one !

Chatty Crone said...

So you are not computer savvy - I would not have guessed - especially since you have written many books.
Very interesting post.

Dar said...

Some of those pretty flour sacks of the past are still around. I just bought two of them to make into pillows. As for the internet and believing or not in most that's posted, it reminds me of the ol' game, Telephone. One person says something, whispers it in anothers ear and so on around it goes...then the last person told repeats it out's never as it was first whispered. So it goes.
love n' hugs from up north. There's a chill in the air, dark snow-like heavy clouds but the sun shines. I love the 4 seasons. Have another great week, my friends.

Lisa said...

I'm have learned to do things on the computer like copy and paste but as far as computer language, I'm lost. I have no clue about iPhones either except how they work. I know nothing about cloud or storage.
If I ever have to call a computer tech, Im in tears by the time we hang up because they talked over my head and made me feel stupid.
I post and read on Facebook but I don't bother with all the long stories and I know Jesus loves me even if I don't share it.

Enjoy the porch, sleep in the coach.

Mevely317 said...

Boy, you've said a mouthful! Tom and I chuckle about being techno-phobic, but it's really not a laughing matter. Frankly, I've no interest in the way things work ... just that they work. (Sort of like those 'things' under my car's hood.)

PS - I think we've all been burned by 'fake' news at one time or another. Sad, isn't it?

Unknown said...

I used to like to read the Enquirer. I used to think a lot of it was true. Man was I gullible.