Friday, October 20, 2017

More at the Homestead

Historical Photo:
                              Traffic Jam in NYC 1923

I am continuing to play here in our back yard. Also each evening my sweetheart and I walk a couple miles, always holding hands. We laugh about the comments we have received.
1.       Go get a room!
2.       WOW that is a Kodak moment. Two love birds.
3.       Today a young Hispanic guy honked his horn and gave us the thumbs-up.
 Since the hurricane visited the streets are lined with limbs and other debris awaiting pickup. We are fortunate ours has been picked up. BUT as we walked a few days ago I spotted some 4x4x8’ timbers. Still in pretty good shape. We passed them a couple times and this morning I hooked up my trusty trailer and retrieved them.

We now have a grill shed with an antique wood lap roof. And like Johnny Cash’s car, it didn’t cost me a dime. LOL all courtesy of lumber along our walk. Here it is now, I will probably buy either stones or decking for a floor.

Also I mentioned I lined the area between my ‘ditch’ (Mark called it a moat)  and the house wall with white marble scraps. I did that to prevent the rain from splashing sand up on the wall.
Here it is:

That is it from the homestead here in Deltona.

 Now for tonight’s fact about this human body:
   The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades. The reason it doesn't eat away at your stomach is that the cells of your stomach wall renew themselves so frequently that you get a new stomach lining every three to four days.

Nite Shipslog
This Johnny Cash's car he built one piece at a time and didn't cost him a dime!


Chatty Crone said...

You two are cute together. And you don't let any thing go to waste. I really enjoyed the 1923 traffic jam too.

betty said...

That was good re-purposing of the lumbar that you could use! Looks good too! I bet it gives people a good feeling to watch you and Sherry walk holding hands. Probably gives them hope they can reach your age and still be in love :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nice you take walks with benefits. Having a place to set your grill for next to nothing is great ! Will be great to have shelter from sun or rain if needed for sure ! Everything is shaping up beautifully. Never a dull moment there at your house!

shirl72 said...

I have missed several blogs...I don't know what I am doing I am not that busy.
I think you are getting up during the night and writing. I am on my computer
everyday. Food looks good on the grill. Weather is good here come on back
to NC.

Mevely317 said...

"Free-for-nothing!" my momma used to say. That's such a novel idea and it looks great, as well.

Love imagining the sight of you and Sherry strolling hand in hand!

Dar said...

Hand in hand and cheek to cheek........nothing sweeter. You two are what it's all about.
Nice job on the grill shed Mr. Creative. Is there anything you Can't do? Somehow, I doubt it. We split firewood in the rain this morning after dropping off mats for the cabin entrance. They will go inside the car port that Bill bumped up to the door for extra weather protection during the deer hunt late Nov. By then we will surely have snow but at least not inside the cabin with all the hunters boots. Yeah! Have a colorful weekend. Our fall colors are nearly gone.


how nice to find some spare lumber to enclose the grill. and to be found by a couple lovers.

Paula said...

You're always busy with something interesting. Always look forward to your post.