Sunday, February 3, 2019

Just trash on my mind

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Why do I use plastic bags in our trash cans? Why not dump them directly into the receptacle the city picks up. When I use the plastic bag it only adds to the ‘plastic’ problem of landfills.
I should take my own bags to the grocery store and reuse them, but I do not. Why? (Too lazy methinks)
I should recycle much stuff, but I really do not know how to decide what to do with what?
From my ignorant standpoint, I do not know why we do not burn the garbage rather than bury it. It must get into our aquafer when we bury it? I understand the landfills line many holes with heavy plastic, but we all know the stuff buried must cut thru even the heaviest of plastic. And so what if they hold it in the plastic above the aquafer, what happens in 30 even a 100 years when the plastic deteriorates then toxics are concentrated! Isn’t that just kicking the can down the road to later generations?
Do you ever consider how much garbage you have compared to our parents of the last generation? In two towns where I lived, we didn’t have garbage collection. I would bet our home garbage in 1940 to 1950 could be put in a 5 gallon bucket weekly. Everyone in our communities had a ‘burn barrel’ to take care of that.
In Florida and North Carolina trash is buried. I wish all counties had a huge incinerator that also generated electricity from the produced heat. The smoke stacks can be filtered and ashes used in road beds.

 Don’t even think about the number of diapers! WOW
 Untreated human waste....

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things to think about for sure. our garbage didn't get picked up when the temperatures plummeted. so we have to wait another week for them to come. it would be nice to have another option than to wait.

Lisa said...

We use our recycle can that the city provides. I crossed my arms and pouted up when we were told to recycle. Like you, I was confused on what is concidered recycle. Once we got started doing it, I don’t mind it.
Growing up, I remember the burn barrells. I also remember daddy putting on shows by putting aresole cans in them and we would wait with excitement for them to blow. haha.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Trash is definitely a big problem and plastic makes it worse. Back in my grandparents day plastic wasn't used. Even in my younger days we had glass milk bottles and not plastic ones. There are some that recycle plastic and that is good, but the solution to it all seems to be getting rid of plastic...I don't think there is a chance of that though, so trash continues to be a problem. I can't even find a paper carton of milk any more. The stores around here only offer plastic.What's a girl to do???In this day and age you'd think someone could come up with a better way. Meanwhile I'll be thankful for those that do recycle. We're to have a partly sunny day with temps in the 50's here, so I'm smiling ! Happy Monday to the two of you!

Glenda said...

For the past twenty years I've used the recycle bins that Waste Management provides and it's disturbing to see how many people ignore the fact that they can make a difference with our "trash" problem.
You've addressed an issue that caused me to do some research. More used tires are being recycled; Wikipedia has some interesting information on the stats. I've used the rubber mulch product and while it's more expensive than chipped wood, it does last far longer. I applaud the efforts made by companies who are creating uses for what is a huge problem in landfills. Our "mountain" of trash out in north county is already an eyesore, and yes, it likely is leaching into our water source. Thought provoking article.

Dar said...

One of the first things I did once owning the cabin property, was to scour the woods for previous owners trash...most, of course was either glass, rubber tires or tin. I don't recall seeing one single piece of plastic or disposable diapers. The landfill problems are huge. Up here in the woods, our rural community can burn trash, but take the recyclables to garbage collection at the town hall. I liked the idea of each county having incinerators. I'd think it would help, but then OSHA steps in with emissions issues and fines. It is definitely a problem. And yes, even the deteriorating tin takes 100some years to break down. I cannot imagine living within miles of a city-sized landfill.PHEW
loven'hugs from our north where we are having an ice storm...most schools in the state are closed. It's slippery out there with rain turning to ice and snow drifting on top of it all.....have a great Monday while we 'hunker down'

betty said...

We recycle a lot. Most weeks our recycle bin is fuller than the trash can one. There is a lot of trash though. Amazing how many disposable diapers! That's a huge number but then it is so convenient with them compared to cloth diapers. We don't take our bags to the grocery store either but I do recycle the plastic ones that we get from there. Trash will always be a problem to deal with I do believe.