Wednesday, February 13, 2019

My Valentine!

Automobile’s of Art:

 Above what I wanted to drive my Valentine around in, below is what I did  drive her in.

The now:

I did not meet Sherry, but I saw her in 1954. A beautiful girl with a ponytail and long dress. Once I had the nerve to ask her for a date (1955), she accepted (out of pity methinks).

But the relationship really blossomed and she indeed did become my Valentine.  She is the most wonderful woman in the world. She took a chance on a wild boy, a HS dropout but one who loved her dearly.

I write about her often. Well at least mention that she is the ‘REAL’, behind the ‘me.’  I have been flaky at times, but she has ALWAYS been the ROCK. She is methodical, while I am scatterattic.  But, when it comes time to do what is required, she is there to back the play. 

She is in her 80s now, and just as beautiful as the girl I took out on the first date. We have been so blessed to grow old together. No one in our families have been fortunate to do that.  We are unique, her family plagued with that terrible word cancer.  My family falling to heart disease. I tuck her in at least 29 out of 30 nights here in our love nest.  I want to do that forever. I get the chance to tell her she is the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am the happiest and luckiest dude on this planet.

OUR FAMILY knows she is my Valentine. I know the grands laugh when I say she is still the best kisser in the world, BUT SHE IS.  One day I hope they all are able to learn that at 80+ your mind still says you are 17, and your body says well, maybe, we'll see!

Sherry, you are my Wonderful, beautiful Valentine!
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betty said...

I always love reading about you and Sherry. Truly a wonderful love story and an inspiration for lovers at any age, but especially those who are young and wondering if they will go the distance of time.

Happy Valentine's Day Sherry and Jack!


Mevely317 said...

Okay, now I'm feeling pretty foolish for not 'getting to' your post in time last night. Just reading about that avalanche near-miss on the mountain pass gives me goosebumps. Even with the televised coverage of mud slides, etc. it's still difficult for me to grasp the speed and severity. (There but by the grace of God ….)

THIS is such a beautiful Valentine's tribute to your love. Methinks you've just outdone Sean's tribute to Jamie! (Shhhh :)))

Lisa said...

I love reading your love story. You are two great examples of true love. A guy here at work told me just yesterday that he did not believe couples stayed romantic after 50. I wanted to say "you dont know Jack"!($@!#).


Chatty Crone said...



happy valentines day to you and sherry.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You two do compliment each other so very well. I've said it before and say it again. You are my favorite couple. You are the best example I know of on how to have a long lasting relationship. Love can keep you together. You are both so blessed!

Glenda said...

Don't know how I missed this one, but so glad I found it! One of the sweetest of the many tributes to your Valentine, you two have a rare and special love.