Friday, February 15, 2019

Time to pick up the pen…..

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 This is a 50's International Harvester Truck
Ever let things slide? Meaning leaving them languishing needing done. This last year has been tough on both of us, especially at Sherry’s age (wink). First and foremost my last sibling’s death and the paperwork involved. Many of you know about that kind of thing. Then lastly the major problems with the RV and in between many small ‘had to do’ things.

One thing I want to finish is the ‘family’ book I started last year. In the last few days I have gotten back on track with that. The book is simply a sort of combined autobiography of ‘Sherry ‘n me.’ It is for the family to give them some sort of measure of our lives.

I don’t expect any of them to read it immediately. But after we are gone and age creeps up, they may be interested in how they came about. 

The reason is simple. I waited too late to ask my parents more about themselves. I have included pictures that I have, of Aunts and Uncles and cousins they may run across if they ever do any ancestry searches. BTW, I had to smile remembering Myra’s comment where she said ‘her dad looked in the phone books for the name Willer’. I thought I remembered that name in my ancestry from the early 1800’s, I checked it out. Shucks, we ain’t cousins, My ancestor married a Hiller in 1835, dang.

Anyway I have let two books languor, needing attention. The fiction, my dog book, requires more concentration and thinking. So I hope this simple history book eases my mind back into a constructive mode.

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PS: I expect proofs back today!


Susan Kane said...

Jack, that is exactly what I am doing. I have letters, old photos, and oral stories. Like you, I wish I had gathered more stories.

My other blog "SusanKane,Writer" is dedicated to putting some of those stories to written word. I am looking at my parents and each other those family lines. Some of the stories are about the times after I was born.

Please click on the bridge in the right sidebar.

Keep gathering as well.

The Liberty Belle said...

All the best as you work on your two books. I'm sure the story of you and Sherry will make for a good read.

Mevely317 said...

Your 'family book' is such a splendid idea, Jack. And, I appreciate that you don't take offense (that) it may not be read immediately. It took me too many years to realize I was hungry. Hungry for stories that went to graves unspoken, unwritten.
This post seals the deal. I'm going to purchase one of those DNA test things for my birthday, and see how many kinfolks remain out there. In honor of my dad.

Lisa said...

THis is really cool and a great gift to your family. Im going to write a blog post and schedule it to come live 40 years from Im just kidding that would be creepy.
You and Sherry have so much to tell. I’m pretty sure your book would be labeled a love story.



what a lovely thing to share with the family. i'm sure they'll appreciate it.

betty said...

It is good you are writing the book but realize it might not be read immediately but in the future. We all have questions we wish we had asked but now it is too late to ask them. Hopefully your family will have the answers without having to ask the questions.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great labor of love to do for your family. I too wish I had asked more questions, but most of the ones I did ask were evaded anyway. Family history is something we all need to know about. So glad you took the time to put it down in writing. It will be appreciated !

Glenda said...

The cover of your family history is beautiful, I know it'll be treasured.