Tuesday, February 26, 2019

WHAT? No Reading list!

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1931 Buick Hearse (paint job by new owner)
As most of us know, BLOGGER is making some BIG changes. As I read the changes I wasn't worried too much. The new changes didn't appear to effect me.

Lately my blog entries have been very scatteractic as far as entry times go. My posts have been from 11am to 11PM, I prefer more regular entries, when I can.

I am late tonight and got a shock. I read and comment on the blogs I follow using the reading list supplied by blogger. Well tonight imagine my SHOCK this evening when I clicked 'Reading List', Mrs. Blogger said, "You are not following any blogs at present, 'click here' if you would like to list some blogs to follow."

So just to ensure Mrs. Blogger knows who I am and why I am here, I reloaded. She gives me the same message.  I ain't real smart about this stuff, but I do  know I must spell any blog name correctly if I am going to get a hit. I cannot just say, "Dadgummit, you know I follow MA, Myra, Betty, Rick, Woody, Chatty, etc."

Anyway while I am trying to figure this out, Mrs. Blogger must have heard me and up pops,'Nana takes a break' writing about roaches or grasshoppers. Then came Rick's smiling face doing something. I checked and sure enough I had the follow list back. SOOOOOO just as soon as I close this entry imma gonna copy my list, just in case Mrs. Blogger divorces Mr. Blogger and changes her name, or forgets I exist.

Just nosy, but do any of the changes effect you? I am hoping that I soon can comment on all the blogs I follow without having to switch 'engines' to comment on some.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Our car is packed. We head to Florida for a few weeks vacation. It is strange leaving a now, perfectly running motor home here in NC.

I hope Stormy understands, I tried to explain that we are a lot like her (She is my adopted feral cat), except our travels wander miles vs. her local roaming. And our time is weeks and months where hers is hours and days.

I also explained to her we visit and sight see, where she does other things, once bringing kittens back with her. I suggested she scratch the eyes out of the next Tom that makes any unwanted advances.  She did look up at me like she didn't understand the 'unwanted' part of my lecture.

I got a feeling she doesn't read the Bible.

We are headed to Deltona, Florida in the morning, got to cut the grass.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So far the only big change I've been experiencing is not being able to comment on some blogs I read. Rick's is one of them. Some I can comment using anonymous, but not everyone allows anonymous comments. I still have my reading list. I'll keep blogging, but yes, there are some changes coming.

Mevely317 said...

Good grief! And it's not yet the Ides of March!
So far I've not experienced any challenges … but based on 'talk' going 'round the Blogosphere, I've backed up my own site.

PS - In case you hadn't read the 'latest', here's an excerpt from a mutual friend's post yesterday morning:

….. I want to let you know that our blogging friend, Diane, at Lavender Dreams, had her blog ripped from her last week without notice. She is trying to get "them" to reinstate it or at least communicate with her. If you know Diane, you know there was nothing bad in her posts, ever!! She has created a new blog and asked her connections to let everyone know to back up your blogs so you don't lose everything someday and to direct you to her new blog: https://lavenderdreamsnew.blogspot.com

Note: It appears that (perhaps) the original Lavender Dreams has been restored to Diana. She is hopeful that is the case... (I still backed up my blog!).

Lisa said...

I havnt encountered any problems YET! Now im skeerd. I get email notifications of comments for some and some I do not. Im not sure whos end the problem is on but I just resort back to my post regularly to catch new comments.
I think they are doing away with “GooglePlus” but I do not use that so no fret here on that one.
I use my reader list often and I also use Bloglovin.

If I lose you, Ill find ya

bobbie said...

I haven't had any problems so far {knock wood}!

Safe travels ~

Woody said...

Have a Safe Trip, Enjoy the ride and sights, At least they will be color and not all White covered ! LoL !!! I think I remember what Green Gras looks like ! I miss Florida ! sending best wish's to you 2 so behave yourselves ! Gary and Anna Mae

Dar said...

no problems here but occasionally your blog entries come to me via email. Otherwise, all's good. Have a safe trip and fun time living in the confines of a framed home. You'll adjust. Stormy will roam while you're gone or she'll hang around and be a watch-feline.
love n' hugs from up north where we won't be seeing green grass for at least a couple more months...there is soooooooooo much snow and soooooooooo many records being set.

NanaDiana said...

You were right at the grasshoppers. lol
I don't think I have any changes happening with blogger. I think most of it is tied to Blogger + (it was started as competition to FB but never took off). They had a lot of bugs in it that they were never able to work out.

Enjoy your stay in FL and I hope MS Kitty behaves herself. lol

Love to you and your sweet wife- Diana