Tuesday, August 27, 2019

AT fears? Nurses and Doctors.

  Early interesting Cars:

 Doctor on call car in London...

And so today:
We started backpacking in our late 60s. We are asked many times if we felt any fear, as old folk, while hiking the Appalachian Trail. We did not hike the entire trail, we gave up after about 1850-1900 miles. There was only one uncomfortable time, but no fear involved. At a ‘lean-to’ there was a guy doing community service in Georgia. The courts sentenced him to several days of AT maintenance. It was obvious he had been drinking. We had planned to spend the night at that shelter where he was staying. We had no desire to do a night with him so we hiked on and pitched a tent.

On the AT there are lean-to shelters that will house up to 8-10 people. The rule is if it is raining there is no limit, even if you have to sleep standing, Hikers know that. WE never experienced that.
We had no fear on the trail. We have met many ladies who hike alone from sixteen years and into their seventies. I am smiling. The last hike I made on the AT was with my son Mark. Sherry had decided to sit this one out. Mark and I met a grandma resting. She looked up at Mark and said, “Where were you a while ago when I needed someone to carry me across that last creek?”

There are hundreds of young and old ladies who backpack that trail alone. I remember golfers who said, “The golf course is the best place to have a heart attack, there is always a doctor nearby.”  Well, about the same could be said about the Trail. There are a lot of nurses and nurses in training that hike that trail. LOL

I hope you have a good week. I am headed for the hospital to have my bloodwork done for my regular appointment in the next couple weeks. My doctor is from India. I used to love to hear him talk, except when he would chide me when I changed his prescription, “YOU ARE NO DOCTA!” But I do enjoy reminding me I have lived longer than he or his dad so far. LOL He is always commenting on his dad and comparing him to me about NOT LISTENING!

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Chatty Crone said...

I would never do that alone - they are braver than me. Good luck at the doctor may all your blood tests come out PERFECT! sandie

betty said...

Those women are very brave indeed to hike alone! But then I'm sure you are never truly alone with how many people are hiking. Seems like there is a "code of honor" associated with hiking it and people respect those who are hiking with them. The company I work for is owned by Indians and our technical support department is in India so whenever we have computer problems we have to call them. Its iffy if you can understand them, so its a good thing you can understand your doctor! Hoping everything works out with the blood work!


Lisa said...

nope, I'd never hike alone unless I was running from something.
Hope your blood work turns our great.

Listen to your docta!

Mevely317 said...

I never tire of your AT stories, Jack! Good idea, your listening to your 'spidey senses' and not tried spending the night with the parolee.
Expecting the best from your medical tests!

yaya said...

I've worked with Indian Docs over the years and they aren't my favorites. I'll leave it at that but I do understand why nurses wouldn't be afraid to hike alone. Things that nurses encounter on a daily basis, whether it's tough patients, emergency situations, pain in the a#@ docs, long hours on their feet, no lunch breaks, etc, make them tough enough to go it alone on a trail! I think it's fabulous that you and your wife took on the AT at an older age than many would attempt it. I think there are lots of good people in this world and it's nice to know that folks can be safe in it. Have a good check up and remember, the Doctor is your employee. You hired him and you can fire him! Ha!

Dar said...

I would also have moved on and tented. We have many trails in our acres by the cabin, most of which I wouldn't think twice about trekking alone.....however, lately we have way too many bears, wolves and at least one cougar......so, no, not hiking these days~~~only with the UTV with hubby by my side. Nothing beats that. Have a great check-up ~
love n' hugs from up north where our high today will only be 65 or lower. It's feeling like fall way too early for me

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope that doctor appointment goes well and the tests come back normal. You have been blessed to have health into your 80's not many are so lucky. While I'm basically healthy I can no longer do hiking of any sort. My exercise is done at the grocery store walking up and down isles, but there I have a cart to hang on to. Nothing like that out in the woods for sure. You have many wonderful memories and I thank you for sharing them with us.