Saturday, August 3, 2019

Staying relevant.

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I am not the most senior person here in blogger land, but I am up there. I know a couple sweethearts older who still read but seldom blog. There are people who are not connected to the present world reality, they are just here. We say, ‘they have no quality of life.’ I have strong feelings about the brain and body. A few people have never visited a ‘Nursing Home’.  There are more up to date, or appropriate names for the homes, but they are still a warehouse for the elderly until the day of their passing.
I am a firm believer in the brain, if it is not attacked by that @#%$#% Alzheimer, it is still working full time in the body that cannot dress itself. In the frail body tied in a wheel chair all day in a hall with eyes open, head down drooling. Many times I have stopped to say a few words to them, sometimes I get a smile other times no reaction. Strokes and other body malfunctions leave the limbs and tongue of this body lifeless.
My older sister lay motionless for days. People in and out the room, talking about her, as if she weren’t there. She could squeeze my hand and open and close her eyes. We communicated using those, until her passing. That brain worked until seconds before she passed. Elmer, Sherry and I were standing by her bedside. Her eyes opened WIDE and were very bright, she smiled, closed those eyes and took that final trip.
Relevant: An  adjective indicating  being closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered.
I want to be relevant. I want to be useful. Yeah I know that is the wish of all of us elderly, but we do not always get our wishes.
My younger Sister Shirley, would say, ”I get down sometimes, but I never use that word depressed.”
There are elderly indicators: Forgetting, losing things and Misplacing important items. We (I) do not ‘multitask’ too well, we are easily side tracked. That is me, big time, lately. I am as concerned about my wallet as ladies are about their purse, and I misplaced mine the other day. I found it down in the motor home of all places.
I am not becoming fixated on this, but I am very aware age is taking its toll.
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PS: MY wife just told me I did not put a blog on today. Just another indicator, I thought I had.


betty said...

I find myself some days knowing the word I want to say but can't remember it but can describe exactly what the word is used for or what the word is. Like for instance "ball." I might forget the word ball, but I'll describe it as "you know, that round thing that people throw around?" So I wonder, am I starting to lose my memory? I don't think so. Just have trouble sometimes getting the word out. I learned a long time ago to put my card case with my license and cards as well as my keys in a basket right when I get home from using them. That way they are always there where I need them. I too want to be relevant. I was at Wal-Mart the other day and as I was leaving there was an older than me woman there sitting with her cart and she was sitting on her walker. She happened to look up as I walked by and I said to her "have a nice day." She immediately got a big smile on her race and wished me the same. I think us older ones just want to be recognized and not forgotten since sometimes we may or may not forget things ourselves.


Chatty Crone said...

No kidding Jack - at my last physical I told the doctor I am having a hard time remembering names - I will look at someone and finally after searching I tend to remember. I asked her if that was a problem. She said no - that is what happens in older age - I am going to trust her. You do seem worried - I think because you saw your sister go through it. I worry about the same things my parents had. Life I guess.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd say as long as you keep finding things to fix and fixing'll be relevant for sure ! What we need is puporse to our days . and when we forget what that is, then there's no longer a need to try. Just like my recent lost of get up and go, we need a reason to keep on going. I suppose we all need to keep hope alive. You are relevant ! You are special to many and don't forget that one for a moment ! Hugs from Ohio where its a beautiful morning on the porch.

Mevely317 said...

Not like 'redundant', eh? (I love reading Sean's readers' comments!)

If I start to dwell on it, yes. I can skeer the daylights out of myself. What happens is, I go to say 'dishwasher' and it comes out, 'refrigerator.' I know perfectly well what's what, but my tongue says something totally out of the blue.
Knowing how you blog, and author and run circles around other builders I'd say you're totally relevant!

Prayers for a cure!

Dar said...

It's a state of mind. It's important to stay sharp as we can and yes, by keeping our minds busy with what's important to us. Personally, I find that if I have even one 'job' to do in a day, as simple as deadheading my flowers, it will help me stay relevant. You're fine, Jack. Bill always says, don't sweat the small stuff. I suppose ' small stuff ' to one is huge to another. Seeing how quickly life can pass makes us more aware as we age. When visiting hubby's uncle in the nursing home, I too will greet others with a smile and always a
' Have a great day.' Sometimes there are positive responses, sometimes not but at least I try to make someones day. I'm saddened by so many that never get company. I'm sure kindness warms their hearts.
love n' hugs from one relevant to you guys

Lisa said...

There is no Alzheimers in my family but it is a fear of many as young as me (50 is young rights?). I would love live to be 100 years old but only if I still could function. You and Sherry are still younguns and stay active so I think you both have little to worry about.

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