Monday, August 5, 2019


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      1988 Chevrolet Caprice
For today:
I was called a lizard once by a pastor. He said “You must be a lizard, you don’t seem to be effected by the church temp, you never complain.”  I had never thought about it before, and I have heard a lot of complaints over the years. It would be great if a conference room or church auditorium could have several sections of different temperatures.. Cool areas and hot areas and one in-between! I am fortunate my body seems to tolerate most temperatures.
Our human bodies have different tolerance ranges. Sherry knows she cannot tolerate ‘very cool areas’ and even on the hottest days if are going into a grocery store or restaurant, she carries a sweater.
I will be truthful I sit in many restaurants that if my  daddy was there would say, “They could keep meat in here.”
One of my daddy’s jokes was about the farmer walking along the country road. A man driving a Cadillac stopped and offered him a ride. As they rode the farmer told the driver he was walking over to Tom’s to pick up a tractor Tom had fixed for him. “Well what are your plans for the rest of the day?” The business man asked.
“Well sir, I had planned to do some plowing, but it has turned off so cold, I think when I get home I will go ahead and kill a hog.”……….The farmer had never ridden in a car with Air conditioning. My daddy always laughed, he loved to laugh.
I hope you are comfortable. If you read Rick you will hear some great weather descriptions I,e, “As hot as Satan’s shoe soles” or ‘Frying eggs on the driveway. Today he liked blistering and hellish,” lol
If you have time, tell me of a weather description you are familiar with such as: ‘That rain was a frog strangler.’

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PS: Mama would tell of the boy who whispered to his girl: I love you. I would swim the ocean for you, If you were on the highest mountain, I would climb it. They kissed and talked until time for him to go home then he said, "I will see you  Wednesday, if it don't rain."  Mama liked to laugh too.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No complaining here today! The weather couldn't be any nicer if it tried. Low 80's with sunshine and a nice breeze with low humidity. Almost perfect !

betty said...

A lot of people carry sweaters here as there is a variety of temps for air conditioning in the various buildings here. Its going to be 111 here today but then we cool down to the mid 100s for the rest of the week. Fitting, it is the first day of school and of course it has to be hot.


Mevely317 said...

So, I arrived at church yesterday to find the sanctuary empty. The a/c was broken, so everyone was meeting in the fellowship hall downstairs … where they could have hung beef. My mother always carried a sweater for such times; I really need to start doing that.
Like you, Tom seems oblivious to fluctuating temps, while I get downright cranky when it's more than 78 degrees. As if my thoughts could change things - ha!

Susan Kane said...

We now set our a/c at 76-78 deg. and are adjusting to it. At night we reduce it to 75 deg. I cannot stand heat. Never could. When we go to see a movie, I take a flannel throw and wear thick socks. We may keep our temp at 76 but they don't. Said it was cold to reduce spread of colds and flu germs.

yaya said...

A few minutes ago I was wearing a sweatshirt because it was colder than a witches I'm having my own personal summer! Working in an operating room is an adventure in temperature. It may feel cold to patients but to us wearing gowns, gloves, hats, standing under lights it's pretty warm. I think temps are just a personal preference and perspective. Stay cool my friend!

Woody said...

Good Post on Weather, we spent 4 days in the New Hartford Methodist Church, We slept inside the church, everyone looked for a different place to put their cots, blow up mattress, I was in Charge of the Chapel, t was a room in the basement, after sitting up the Altar and Cross and Prayer Shawl I went to the back of the room and set up my bed and mess, Great little room, cool. Great 4 days, Prayers Lifted, Prayer Vigils Held, Great Via De Cristo # 22 is in the books. Catching up on Posts and emails ! Sending Love and Prayers, Gary and Anna Mae !

Chatty Crone said...

I love it cold - lol - and for me I can always bring a sweater but you can't take clothes off!

Lisa said...

Hahaha I was just telling Nick the other day that I must be an reptile because I can get cold in 90 degree weather. My skin is always cool. I can not tolerate any temperature below my age.

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