Friday, August 30, 2019

The world passed me by

Early interesting Cars:
This is a 1964 Merc with a continental kit. You were super cool if you had that tire on the back bumper in the 1950s!

And so today:
I read and hear the statement, “The World Has Passed Me By!”  In fact it really has.  Time doesn’t stop, just because we old folk have slowed down.  We think we have kept up, but we haven’t. I can appreciate you older folk who handle the smart Phones. You can Post from them and answer e-mails and play games. Good for you.

But as a general rule many of us progressed thru the Bag Phone, up to the flip phone and handled it pretty darned well, but then came the PC, then it seemed immediately, Mr. I-Phone topped that, with a phone that was a library, directions center, research engine and a camera.

Books could be written and probably are about mistakes made by us neophytes and our SMARTER THAN US phones. My sister once addressed an e-mail to me critiquing our cousin, a very intelligent dude, highly educated but with an ego bigger than mine, and that is saying something. (LOL) She had no idea she had clicked ‘reply all’  sending the info to cuz also.

I was actually at a yard sale and got in on a conversation of a senior who had critiqued his boss, thinking he was talking to the next in command when he was actually addressing both.

The above incidents were very embarrassing. BUT these are small compared to supposedly smart politicians who have lost their positions, not knowing they were addressing the world.

To top all that, Evelyn, my nemesis, says this should be Wednesday’s blog.  Or maybe it is Thurnesday’s.  I just cannot keep up.

You know something? We were shopping last night and I about bumped into a shopper coming out of a side aisle answering a phone with, “Ok You got ME!”  I turned to Sherry and said, “Honey I can’t even remember answering a phone, I miss it.”

Go ahead, answer your phone (if you can figure out how!), Life is good even at 80 & counting. Thanks for reading tis drivel. Love you guys that read.  (Go ahead, comment and make my day!)

But what I am trying to say in this rambling, YES the world has always passed older folk by, it is just faster now due to the progress in electronic advances.

Nite Shipslog
PS: our parents felt the same, "life is too fast!" they said.


betty said...

I use my smart phone and can write emails on it but it just takes too long. I can text but again unless it is a short message, it just takes too long. I noticed the young ones use their thumbs for texting. I use my index finger of my right hand. That is probably the problem. The wee one navigates through YouTube with ease as well as NetFlix. Someone once said we have trouble with technology (we the older people) because we are aliens to it. We had to learn it anew. The young ones its just natural to them because that's all they know. I still like a desktop computer. Can't find a keyboard on a laptop that I'm comfortable using.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know what you mean...the world has passed by in rush for sure. So much has changed I cannot keep up. Modern technology changes daily, I cannot catch up with it. Good for those that do. The younger generation will top us for sure in what they know!

Rick Watson said...

I hear you Jack. I always thought I was keeping up but a few minutes with my great nephew let’s me know I’m behind big time.

Lisa said...

I try to keep up. I think I do pretty good. I'm always interested in learning new things so when I'm bored, I will dig around on the internet (from my ipad or smart phone) and search for how to do this or that with things I see others doing. But I think I'm falling behind a little and that's OK.

Keep on keeping on.

Mevely317 said...

I think Betty nailed it. As usual. :)

I once asked a manager why they interviewed so few (ahem) 'older' folks for the front desk … because of course, we're so much more dependable. HA His response was "Yes. But the younger generation has no concern for learning new technology, software, etc." (Jerk.)

PS - Too funny about your sister's e-mail. Borrowing from Paul Harvey, did you ever get 'the rest of the story'?

Chatty Crone said...

I have a love/hate relationship with phones!