Friday, August 9, 2019

His job is easy, he does nothing!

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For today:
“I’d love to have his/her job!”  We have all heard that more than once. I have even said it.
We had a book keeper once. A one room office. He had a nice couch and TV. When my son Mark would drop off things at Marvin’s office it seemed he was always napping or lying on the couch watching TV. Mark would comment when he returned, “Dad, Marvin never works he is always on that couch. I don’t think he does anything.”

Oh he works, someone keeps the books. He has many customers here in town and a couple movie stars out in Hollywood. If he didn’t work we would all be in trouble.”

A disclaimer here, son Mark is the best worker I ever had bar none. He was never afraid of physical labor. He was always on the job. Normally when I paid him 8 hours pay, I knew I had gotten 10 hours. (Of course I remembered it.)

However Mark’s opinion of folks who did not ‘work’ (blue color) really did not work.

I think of the chief in DC who asked me to recommend him for my job when I transferred. So I did and he got the job. 

 I stopped by later and he was very upset. His first words to me. “Why the Hell didn’t you tell me this was a job! All you ever did was walk around with coffee, singing and whistling. This is the toughest job I ever had.”

I smiled and answered, “Glad to hear it is working out. Lots of little problems when you have 43 people and a few deadlines huh?  Love you dude gotta go.”

He held me up and said, “You put on a good front Jack. You did tell me it was a tough job, but I thought you were joking.”
My son is not a lone, many laborers think no one else works….
I KNOW many of us have been enlightened by Betty’s entries lately. She has turned on some lights for me. Thanks Betty.

I have always said, "If you're not earning 'the man' something, you are on thin ice."

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So true people can make their job look easy when in truth they worked hard to get to the place to be able to enjoy it. No one sees what goes on when the doors are closed and often after hours too. Desk jobs often sound cushy but as one who sat behind a desk for years, I was often tireder than if I had spend a day doing actual labor. That's the truth of the matter.

Mevely317 said...

Great message, Jack. My former hubby was GM over a 24-hour manufacturing operation, and I know there were more than a few who believed he didn't do a thing except sit in the corner office and talk on the phone to headquarters. Middle management isn't for sissies!

Glenda said...

Sometimes working your brain is as stressful (and tiring) as using your muscles, been there!

Susan Kane said...

Work comes in different ways, jobs. I taught school, people thought "8 hours and you get 3 months off". Really? I don't get a summer because I am working at Costco to pay bills. 8 hours? I go to school at 7 am when school will start at 8; I stay after school until 5. Grade papers at night. etc.