Sunday, August 25, 2019

Planing a short trip & also Stormy

Early interesting Cars:
A 1948 Super 8.... And that is a Packard

And so today:
Going to Oak Ridge. Yeah, that is Oak Ridge, TN. Our grandson Stephen is the manager of the new “Music and Arts” store in Knoxville. Son Jack asked if we would drive the motor home up for a couple days. We will do that and also take Stephen’s twin Josh and his wife Megan. Of course Rose Mary the great grand will go along. It should be a good trip. We are looking forward to it.
We did something we seldom do. We missed the fact that it is a holiday weekend. In an RV you must always pay attention to that, if you are headed to any destination place, RV sites fill up. We were lucky on the third park. So we do have a site, it is 16 miles out. No biggie.
I like thinking of being on the road, even if it is only a couple days.
I like petting the feral cat too!  She now owns me, part time, I guess.

I forgot I had the trail camera on. (5 second videos) Here is me petting Stormy Daniels. I sat down on the garage steps and she jumped up in my lap. 

I try to keep a towel of something between her claws and my skin. Is it normal for a cat to continually flex their claws? If I slide my hand down her legs she draws them in.
BTW like we expected, the wayward child is pregnant again.
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Lisa said...

Yep she owns you now. I am pretty sure she will hang around for you to foster those babies this time.
If she does, you will fall in love with them. They will also be more tamed.

Heading to church

Mevely317 said...

Aw, that little hussy! :) I don't know nuthin' about felines, but Stormy looks like she's got you right where she wants you!
Safe travels and good times! I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures and how Rosemary's grown.

yaya said...

Oh no, that feline needs her Saturday night privileges taken away after those kittens are born. Yep, she owns you now! Enjoy your trip and be safe! Sounds like a fun time and some good blog worthy moments to share!

betty said...

Poor STormy! So many babies and not given the opportunity to raise them. She sure is enjoying you petting her! I know nothing of cats so I can't answer your question about her. Maybe google it on the Internet? Sounds like a great trip you have planned with fantastic company going with you too!


Sheila Y said...

I think you may need to change her name to jezebel. Just saying. ;D
Take care, Sheila