Thursday, August 1, 2019

Makeup station

Early interesting Cars:
1934 SS Voisin  Very rare German I am sure. What a beauty

Today:  Makeup table/desk/position
My brother’s wife  Mozelle was a pretty lady. She also loved to ‘fix-up’. She had never had a spot dedicated in a home specifically for make-up. I was commissioned to build their retirement home. A beautiful 2800ft structure with a lake view. Mozelle decided this house would have a make up area.

On the house plans she off-set a section 6’ x 3’ specifically for that.  A custom made table top with a stack of drawers at each end. The wall and top was lined with lights like I had seen in the movies of stars dressing rooms. She was thrilled with the winging mirrors either side and on the wall behind.
When we got this house back it had Shirl’s old dressing table but with so much other furniture in the room, Sherry opt’d to just remove it. She chose to do her make up in the master bathroom. 

I took a trip down stairs where I still had Shirl’s make up table. It was made from an antique dresser. I decided to add a Formica top and cut it 20 inches to fit in a small section of our walls that is left. LOL

She seems to like it very much, but refused to have her picture taken sitting at it. She is shy of cameras. She fussed the whole time we hiked the Appalachian Trail that the only pictures of her was her backside. 

 The pictures at the top are to show I did take some pictures with a frontal view!

But she does have a pretty b---! AND Paula used to comment that Sherry must take a hair dresser on her hikes.

Of course this girl needs no assistance from makeup to show her beauty, but TELLING  ANY OF YOU WOMEN THAT fits the old Navy saying ‘That is like Peeing in the Wind’ (Cleaned up a little for a family blog.)  ;-)

Anyway we are both happy with it. I only have to add a mirror on the wall to augment the magnifying mirror installed. 

Nite Shipslog

PS: Ok, I admit the trail pictures are added because she refused to pose!  Remember, when you read this that I love you sweetheart .   ;-)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Certainly is a lovely make up station for your lovely bride. I'm like her at the mirror in the bathroom most days. At least you are keeping busy. Better than making trouble, I must say. Hope you survive this post and Sherry takes it easy on you!

betty said...

Came out nice! I'm sure Sherry will like the finished project! Hubby used to take a lot of "behind" pictures. Always bothered me when he did, LOL.


Mevely317 said...

Sherry is a natural beauty, that's for sure! I also 'put on my face' before the bathroom mirror. BUT, given what the years have done I could benefit from one of the high-fangled mirrors. Either that, or start putting it on using my car's rear-view mirror. :)

Susan Kane said...

Your beloved is a brave woman! Going down that rock-ridden steep decline? My hubby would find me lying at the bottom, having slid all the way down.

You are a creative husband.

Lisa said...

Sherry is one tough woman hiking those trails. She is also very beautiful. I still want to know her beauty secret.
You did a great job on that vanity.

clocking out

Glenda said...

It was great to see the pics, agree with all of the above comments! Your beautiful bride is so fortunate and you are blessed to have HER!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Lovely photos throughout. You are very talented it seems.

God bless you all.

Dar said...

YOU are definitely a 'Jack-of-all-trades.' Just like my hubby, you two can do anything. Sherry and I are very fortunate to have found you guys. My guy is still under the weather but he'll come around. I like what you did to the desk. Looks great and just the right size. I also 'put my face on' in front of the bathroom mirrors, also having winged ones. I still cannot get over the fact that the two of you hiked so nearly the entire Appalachian Trail. What an astounding accomplishment. Sherry's looking no different than all those hiking years ago. She and SIL Mozelle are gorgeous gals. Lucky You. :)
love n' hugs from up north where the gardens are bursting