Monday, August 19, 2019

MAIL CALL, Out of the past, the hand written letter

Early interesting Cars:
This 1968 triumph was new when some of our letters were written:

And so today:
We are trying to settle in a home that we built many years ago. Over 20 years have past quickly, since we left to go ‘A wandering.’ During that time we have enjoyed traveling over North America. We covered the edges of Mexico, and some of its coasts. WE have visited all the lower 48 states and most of Canada’s provinces. And then there was that great drive up through the Yukon to Alaska.
We found a spot for the RV and flew to Hawaii. I know most of this is repetitive, but Sister Shirley was the last to lease this ‘Condo’ and since her passing we are trying to settle back into this place and not empty it out to lease again.
Have you ever had long separations from ones you love and communicated via the ‘written letter?’ Before I built houses for a living I was in the military. How somethings have survived is a wonder to me. We have had over 25 addresses in several states and countries. BUT today I ran across this:

Hundreds of letters over 50 years old, hand written, back and forth. Can you spot the Air Mail letters, remember those? Most of these came from and to the USS Independence CVA 62 a Navy Air Craft Carrier.

 (Not to worry honey, this is rated G)

I was shocked, I could even read my handwriting  from back then. At present no one can read my notes, not even me after they get cold. Sherry was reading one just awhile ago and said Nora Roberts would be proud of my descriptive ‘naughty’ language.
The above picture shows a few, I have another book of her letters to me somewhere. Later we exchanged those small 3” reel to reel tapes, we were high tech. LOL
I am happy for the men and women in the military now serving overseas, they can talk to their loved ones back home and even see and talk to their kids. That is a wonderful thing for separations.
I remember Paula talking about corresponding with Mel while he was in Japan or Korea. From experience, there is nothing like “mail call” on a ship or foreign soil.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember those air mail stamps I placed on the letters I wrote to DDH when he was in the service. I have kept the ones he wrote many long years ago. Mail call was eagerly awaited for sure ! This is a good reminder of how much life has changed. We used to depend on letter writing to keep in touch. Thee days it's so much easier and still so many don't bother to make a call or send a text. It's so easy and still we don't take advantage of it.

betty said...

Wow that is amazing you guys saved the letters! I do remember airmail stamps over the regular ones. Now nothing comes in the mail but advertisements and junk, not even bills. So many things automated! It is good though for those who are faithfully serving our company able to have contact with their families the way they do these days through technology. It doesn't bring them home quicker but I'm sure helps make their deployments a bit more tolerable.


Lisa said...

I love getting real mail instead of emails. Times have sure changed.

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Mevely317 said...

LOVE that you've saved these letters! And yes, I recognized the air mail envelopes immediately. The first thing I thought of, were years 1961 & '62 when I'd spend 8 weeks at horse camp in Colorado. My parents saved some of those letters - and I don't know whether to laugh or cry at my communications. Even living 'next door' in Texas, I'd write my parents. Spending $ on long-distance calls wasn't something one did, except for special occasions.

Dar said...

I'm still a letter writer even tho it's not as legible as it used to be. I always hand write Christmas cards and letters., and probably will as long as I can. Most recently I sent a letter to Sy. He was so tickled to get 'snail mail.' lol We talked about how things have changed when he visited last weekend. It was great. You have the most beautiful penmanship. Now days, kids can't even read they no longer teach it in the schools...another glimpse of progress. Your keeping letters 50 yrs. is amazing and very romantic.
love n' hugs from up north where it's cooling off in the 70's

Susan Kane said...

Oh those are treasures. Reading through those will be exciting and bring back memories.

We have our old love letters. I don't know if we will ever read them.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I think those handwritten notes were beautiful - looks like you had wonderful penmanship.
Now I am going to be opposite - I think that an email written in love is just as good as a handwritten note.
That is just me.
Plus it hard with the arthritis to write a lot for me - much easier to type!

Rick Watson said...

I have some of our old letters too.
Last week I interviewed two guys from the Central Alabama Rodders club. They have remarkable stories. One of them has rebuilt about 20 cars (off frame).
He drives a 41 Ford Business Coupe and just restored a 74 Ford pickup for his dad.
Both were absolutely beautiful.


i think it is wonderful you saved all those letters. there is nothing nicer than getting a handwritten letter in the mail. what a wonderful way to look back at your history together.