Monday, August 12, 2019

Like and Dislike

Early interesting Cars:
 1957 GMC Pickup

And so today:
Many people asked for this (well I think someone did, way back when I was on AOL Journals, LOL)
I like tomato sandwiches with Mayo. (with ham an cheese is okay) but Plain with Milk is my forte’.
I like Butter Pecan Ice cream, Walnut is a close second. (One thing though, one bad nut can spoil a good cone of that ice-cream)
I like old cars, mostly the 1950’s since that is when I couldn’t wait to get my license.
I like pretty legs on ladies. My girl has the prettiest, always has. I never saw above her ankles until we were married, but I knew they were beautiful. (I was right)
I like being alone with my wife. Traveling, sitting here on twin computers or out in our little park in the swing. Walks with her ain’t bad either.
I like fixing stuff (showing off).
I like entertaining kids, Sunday I made a gold dollar disappear for a little boy who was dining with his dad. I then pulled TWO gold dollars from his ear. There is nothing like the surprised smile of a child. I like their smiles.
I like a sunny, a rainy or a stormy day. I really do.
I like obedient dogs/pets.
I like petting Stormy Daniels (the feral cat).

I like a lot more, but I will stop and go to my dislikes that keyed this entry:

I dislike soft or mushy fruit.
I dislike a dog that will NOT stop barking.
I dislike people who ride my bumper.
I DISLIKE LOUD MUSIC, especially in church.
I DISLIKE MOOD MUSIC especially in church while someone is speaking.
( I enjoyed an hour of the last two, last night.) LOL
Seriously if you have hearing aids or Cochlear implants, back ground noise is worse than fingernails on the chalk board.  I have enough sense to know this is   MY problem, not every ones. I would never suggest a change for my benefit because many people love it and that is their prerogative. Avoiding it when possible is my prerogative.
My rant for tonight.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good to see what you like and dislike. There are a lot of good ones there. They makes who and what we are. We all have some and nice to know what they are !

betty said...

You do have a good list of likes and dislikes. I too don't like a barking dog. I wonder why it is barking and where its owner is.


Lisa said...

This was a fun read. I may do a post like this sometime. We have a lot in common.

Back at work

Mevely317 said...

I always enjoy your insights re. hearing, and show Tom. (Sometimes I'm not as patient as I should be.)
This is such a cute idea for a post; in fact, I'd like to borrow it!

Chatty Crone said...

I really did enjoy knowing what you like and don't like. Got to know you better. And my husband is not totally deft - but he NEEDS hearing aides - he won't do it. Hates those back ground noises too! Sandie