Sunday, August 11, 2019

This and that

Early interesting Cars:
 The 5789 chevy, it was a beauty, not sure how many were built

And so today:
The sewing machine is on the back burner. I have been working on Jack Jr’s rental house. Mr. Insurance man suggested some repairs. A small addition behind the storage building had deteriorated until the floor and roof were gone. You could not see it from the road so we did not know it.  The house has been rented for many years so none of the family has looked at the details. The rental manager handles all the normal repairs and takes the repairs out of the monthly rent.
So since JJ works full time, I took it on myself to take the lean-to down and burn the rotted stuff. Then replace the screening on the windows and patch a broken window.
I lost a pound or two with the work, which I really enjoyed BTW.  I hope I think to take a picture of the storage building. It is huge about 12 x 20. It is locally built. The previous renter asked if he could leave it, OF COURSE! But it is under a tree and it really does need to be cleaned. We plan to do that Monday. 

I also bought a John Deere mower from a friend, it had no hood. I am building a box to cover it. Ggrandson Maverick loves for his Pawpaw or dad to ride him on it but I am afraid he will get burned on the hot engine.Finishing the cover is on the back burner too. My welder hasn't been fired up in years. (And my welding proves it!) Halloween Mickey was the only driver I could find.  LOL

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Lisa said...

Can you believe I have never heard of a ‘lean-to” until just recently when Nick was telling me a story how he and his brothers once slept under one while his parents slept in a chuck wagon on a camping trip years ago.

On the road

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Always good to see you are keeping busy. Nice you have so many things to keep you going. Good exercise for sure. I'm sure your son appreciates your help. Cleaning out a storage building sounds like it might take more than a day. Have fun but take it easy. It's a beautiful sunny Sunday in Ohio today!

betty said...

You are so industrious with what you do but I bet that us what keeps you so young! Good hard work always produces weight loss I think!


Chatty Crone said...

Jack you are so cute - you have fires in so many projects - it keeps you busy - and to think you like doing it - my husband hates work.

Mevely317 said...

Jack Jr. must really enjoy (and appreciate) having y'all nearby! That mower is so cute. When I was about Maverick's age, my grandpa would take me for rides on his tractor. I still recall the engine noise and vibration … such a thrill.

Glenda said...

The mower really does look cool with box cover, like a kid's toy! I agree, you never seem to run out of "projects"!!!