Saturday, August 17, 2019

Historical Pictures from YOUR Life.

Early interesting Cars:
 1982 Dodge Aires

And so today:
As a kid I remember men going around with a goat wagon, pony or a pony and wagon. The walked the streets mostly in the summer while kids were out playing. These guys were pretty good photographers in their own right. I remember them setting up the camera dong some mysterious adjustments, then saying ‘hold still,’ and then they removed a can from a lenses and counted a few seconds and put it back over the lens.

These guys were ‘Entrepreneurs’ traveling people who kept their word. They were paid in advance. The pictures were delivered after they were developed. I have often wondered if they had a portable dark room to print the black and white film.  

Here is Sherry & her brother Johnny and picture from 1942. There must be one of me or Shirley somewhere! These Entrepreneurs looked to the future, and today it is appreciated. 

I remember Rick posting a picture of him on a pony from a traveling photographer.

Rick himself has that ‘photographer’s mind’. It stuck out in my mind when he mentioned once at a family occasion, working to get the family together and saying, you may be frustrated at me now, but in the future you will appreciate it. I am sure some were happy later.

I hold two pictures dear that someone sorta insisted we get closer and include every one. This one from Utah when we all flew out.  Carol, Ben & Corey's mom insisted on this:

And this one just after one of Sherece's Birthday parties in Gastonia:

I see pictures of Myra from the same vein that could have been from the same idea, or professionally shot as a kid.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

One of my younger sisters always complained that the only picture my parents had of her was on one of those traveling horses. It was a good picture, but to the usual baby picture you'd see sitting in one's house for sure!. They were definitely a part of history. I guess most everyone has one !

Mevely317 said...

That olden photo is so endearing! "When travelling people kept their word." Now that's something.

You (and Rick) bring up a good point about capturing moments. How I regret, while in my teens, fighting my parents when they wanted to take pictures. Friend Mary no longer blogs, but shared a neat phrase out on Facebook: #MomentsMatter. (I told Mary I'm going to steal that!)

Chatty Crone said...

Not your photo, but have you noticed most photos from the past - people look so sad.
Love your two family pictures. Rick is right - you don't want them now, but you will one day.

Glenda said...

Family photos are so special, your kids and grands will enjoy for so many years. Today Snapfish (used several years ago) notified that my photos were archived, due to my not using their service, so I ordered a few photos uploaded from Facebook, in order to go back and review the old pics. Don't remember what's in there, however, it was worth a couple of bucks to see them again.

betty said...

That was interesting with the traveling photographer! I hadn't heard of that before! But I do love the picture! I'm really bad because I don't like my picture taken and I really should do it more especially with the wee one. At my niece's wedding last year, my sister had a group family picture taken; I should see if I can get a copy from her.


Lisa said...

I do not have many photos of me in the past. Mom as a few of me with my siblings in an old photo album somewhere but I had a photo album of all my baby photos. I snuck them out of the house and took them with me when I stupid married a long time ago. The boy I married was abusive and one day in a rage, he burned everything I owned. Including that album. I wish I had never took it. Nick has some really old photos of his grandparents in the horse and buggy days.

Happy Sunday

Dar said...

The one of Sherry and Johnny has been one of my favorites on your blog. Family photos are so important. A lot were taken again this summer at our family reunion on hubbys side. We will always treasure them as well as all the black and whites and brown and whites of the ancestors as far back as 5 generations...priceless. I love the two that are special to you also. So nice!
love n' hugs from up north where there are very few photos of myself. I was always the one taking the pictures. lol