Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Medicine Cabinets

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Up until the last couple homes I built medicine cabinets were always installed in each bath. But times changed and we went to the large mirror and lavatory stands with drawers. I switched when an older lady I built for did not even want toilet paper or tooth brush holders installed. That was a shock to me, but it was less fuss and choices.
This house has two medicine cabinets in it. Neither over a vanity. Of course med cabinets are just a tag, they contain much more than meds.
I remember a person who worried about their company being ‘snoops’ and before a party at their homes he some how filled the cabinet with marbles. Uh oh!
Note: My girl is still reading some of the old letters we wrote, that have just shown up from our past (ref yesterday’s entry). She just read one she wrote to me, written on our 13th wedding anniversary. I was on a North Atlantic Cruise at the time. That brought back several memories.  We have been fortunate with over 20 years in the military (USMC, USAF & USN) we missed only two anniversaries, our first (I was in Turkey) and thirteenth. That is probably some kind of record. LOL

Back to Medicine cabinets, is that something you prefer in your home or not?
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, I like having a medicine cabinet above the sink. It's keeps the medicines out of reach from the little visitors I have here at my house and keeps them safe. I also like having the convenience of a place to store the toothbrush and paste right above the sink where I use them. They may be old fashioned, but then so am I.

betty said...

I like medicine cabinets but mostly they contain everything else other than medicine, LOL. Bandages, hand creams and the like. I think they help take care of the clutter than could accumulate on the sink if you didn't have something to store them in. That is a pretty good record of anniversaries missed with only 2 considering 20 years in the service! Hubby and me only missed one anniversary when he moved ahead of me one time when we were going to a different state. And then he sent flowers but the florist got the day wrong and delivered them a day late! LOL.


Lisa said...

Oh lawd! Don't get me started on medicine cabinets. I have been on to Nick to put one in his bathroom. The only prescription meds in our house is one for his blood pressure. Everything else is simple stuff like Tylenol, Aspirin and Vitamins. Even though I have a designated cabinet for those things, they somehow end up beside the plates and glasses. grrrrrr.

Happy Tuesday

Chatty Crone said...

I had a tangerine orange VW Beetle. I would love that aqua one.

Mevely317 said...

TOO funny about the marbles in the medicine cabinet!
This brings back memories of our last home. When the medicine cabinet glass cracked we had a dickens of a time finding product that fit. Personally, I wanted Tom to just drywall that spot but he insisted homes needed them. I wonder if he's noticed, this house we're in has none! Ha.

Glenda said...

Got to have a medicine cabinet, holds all that "stuff" like witch hazel and peroxide etc! Glad you found the anniversary letter, wonderful keepsake :)

Woody said...

After my Dad passed away I was going thru some of his old things and wrapped up in a old shirt was letters that I had written to him and in one of the letters I was surprised that the hand written ones were still full of misspelled words, punctuation mistakes and xxx where I crossed out words, later letters that were typed also had these same mistakes but they sure brought back memories ! Hope your enjoying yourselves, sending love and regards, Gary and Anna Mae !


we don't have a medicine chest in this house, only a mirror and vanity. it took some getting used to for sure.