Saturday, August 24, 2019

Today’s lesson

Early interesting Cars:
 1934 and 1937 Singers (And you thought they only made sewing machines!)
And so today:
Our church has a restroom ‘Out of order’, for a couple weeks. Being a guy that can fix most anything. (Lately I even got a Boluva chiming clock that has not worked for ten years running.) So I looked the nasty bathroom problem over. Ah ha, the commode is one of those with pressure assist flush. You probably have seen them, maybe even have one in your home. They save water and are more efficient. This one is a ‘Sloanflushmate’. It is common to look into the tank of a commode and see water, I was taken aback just seeing a black plastic sealed container inside.

A broken part on top, was obvious. I was told no one cares how it is fixed. I priced the broken part, and the cost was more than it would take to revert back to normal flushing, and so I did that. It looked like this

 The commode still would not flush. OUCH, WHAT??? I have set or fixed over a hundred commodes and never failed, NEVER. It is work, but simple is the process.
I gave up, and reversed everything I had done. Then I came home and ordered the part for the flushmate. LOL
I noticed a lavatory did not drain properly. I was assured the lines had been cleaned out and there was no obstruction. So, says I to myself “This needs a vent, I can at least fix this, I will cut the pipes and install a ‘Studor’ vent.” I did, it did not drain any better. No need to reverse this work, it can only help the situation not hurt.
So today’s lessons:
1.  One is never too old to be stumped. 
2.  One is also never too old to realize ‘you do not know it all!” 
3.  One can learn, I did learn how the ‘Flushmate’ works.

Imma hoping at least I can install a replacement part.  LOL

I have a feeling that something is clogging the main plumbing vent, none of this is normal. Will Look later.

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Mevely317 said...

Ooooh, I hope it's not roots! Blog friend Sandra down in Bradenton had to deal with that recently. Not funny, but the way she tells it, I was in stiches --

I'm going to have to show this to my Tom and see if he's ever heard of those super-duper (not) flushers. His toilet flushes normally, but the one in my bath has one of those water-saver things. So annoying … but not enough that I want to spend money to replace it. Ha.

Glenda said...

Oh gosh, what a challenge. Guess that "live and learn" quote comes into play here. I've got an almost new bathroom sink that stopped up and my plumber cousin addressed it with no success, seems like the new ones have an unusual claw type thingy inside where it cannot be reached from the pipes below, likely hair, I keep losing it!!!
Good luck, have a great weekend, hugs from Chobee.

Chatty Crone said...

Wow how sweet you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's not often that you get stumped but yes life is a learning lesson every day. Hope the part does the trick and eery one can use the restroom once again. I'm sure everyone will appreciate being able to flush once again.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

To quote Rick, Every day is a school day!

betty said...

But I know you'll find a solution to the clogged vent issue and its good to tax our brains to figure these out. Its what keeps us young! Nice you are helping out the church!


Dar said...

Google yes, nice of you to help out. Somehow, I'm having a hard time grasping that you have been ' stumped ' by a ' throne.' You'll figure it out. I just have a feelin'
love n' hugs from up north where the onions are pulled, drying and waiting to be braided. Also, the 95 lbs. of cabbage is fermenting for kraut. It's a great day.