Friday, August 2, 2019

Day dreaming, What about a trip?

Early interesting Cars:
Ahhh, the little BMW Isetta,  Powered by a BWM motorcycle engine. A One door car. the front is a door, the dash and steering wheel swing open.

For today:
I do not want to bore you, my girl seems to be wavering in her resolve. ;-) She just told me that Mark was ready for a trip with us. She talked to JJr to let him know we were back in town, and although he just finished a trip to Utah and the Grand Canyon, he told his mother he would be open to another trip.
“Yeah?” I asked, “Where to?”
She said Mark was ready for a trip back to Maine.
I would pick Alaska, but that is a much extended trip. But maybe Nova Scotia?  That would include Maine.
Good idea Jack (he said to himself!). Imma go look at the map and see about swinging back by Niagara Falls.
I’m back. We could do it easily in two weeks and have some spare time. We would also go close to Woody and his sweetie Anna Mae I think. Just glancing at the big picture.
We loved Nova Scotia. We have been there twice. We took the ferry once that used to run from Bar Harbor, Maine to Falmouth, Nova Scotia once, but it was discontinued.  Now I just looked, it is now reinstated after a few years. Sounds good.
I love thinking like this. Maybe a trip to see Grandson Corey in Oregon? We could drop down to Utah and see Grandson Ben and daughter Elsie. Then make that beautiful drive back across the Rockies to Denver.
Now I’m excited. I am addicted to travel, even planning to travel.  We all know I am just probably dreaming, but that is better than folding up the tent.
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Mevely317 said...

… and now I'm excited on your behalf!
While that sort of excursion isn't possible (for us) right now, I enjoy looking over your shoulder.
BTW, did you see Sean's column about the 600-mi. yard sale? I'm thinking THAT would be a hoot!

betty said...

Good for you guys for planning a trip! Having son(s) along will help out too with things and make a pleasurable trip even more pleasurable! Sounds like beautiful parts of the country you will be exploring. I look forward to reading what you share here about it!


Jean said...

Looking forward to follow you guys on this trip. Sounds like fun to me.

Lisa said...

Don't fold up the tent. Take the trips while they still excite you.

Happy Friday

Chatty Crone said...

If Sherry is up for it - I say GO!

Glenda said...

YEP, it's a terrific idea, you both will treasure time with the boys and they're awesome drivers....kick back and enjoy. I went to Nova Scotia several years ago and it's breathtaking country. Just south of Portland, Maine is the Bush compound near Kennebunkport. Worth a visit if you haven't been there. I look so forward to the Blogs!!! Warm hugs from Okeechobee. Glenda

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, definitely better than folding up the tent! Another trip sounds great and good to have your sons along too.

Dar said...

In the middle of way too much neglected paperwork, I thought, a great diversion would be to check out what you had to say I ever glad I took a break in my boring morning. Your trip sound out of this world and I, too, will be helping drive over your shoulders. Have a most wonderful time again with the boys. It's a great time to travel north. The air is starting to cool down a bit in the A.M. and P.M. around here so I wish the same for your travels on the east coast. Love this.
love n' hugs as our days are filled with sunshine and freshly picked blueberries