Monday, December 28, 2020

That down feeling?

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1985 Buick Riviera (Hard to believe this is an antique)

Now my thought for Today...

I can remember in my early life the high, up and thrill of Christmas morning and the season leading up to it. It was all VERY BIG!


But then as the new wore off the new toy and there were no more Christmas carols being sung; things ‘fell’ back into a regular routine, I can remember being ‘sortadown.’

As years past and I grew up. I learned that I had what many people desired, an appreciation for what I HAD. Very seldom have we bought something just because we wanted it, but did not need it. Only once in my life do I remember getting ‘car fever’. Against my sweetheart’s better judgement I traded our perfectly good car for a 1968 ‘almost new’ Chevrolet Malibu hard top. I learned a lot on that trade. It was a good car but it was a 2 door. The one I traded was a 4 door car which made perfect sense since we had two children.

Now even later in life I realize how blessed I am. WE have had the down times, but over our entire 80+ years OVERALL the good has overshadowed the bad. Of course the bumps were tough but love and gratitude made them easier to ride out.

WE KNOW life has been good for us. GOD has blessed us. Just as I am typing some of this entry; THE sweet Marian, from Pennsylvania called to ‘say come on up for some homemade pumpkin pie.’ LOL! YEP, life is good. She and Dallas are well. There is a lot of good on this internet. LOL There is a ‘sweet’ feeling to know that friends and family read here.


PS:  Thanks to everyone who reads this stuff. It makes an old man feel good.


betty said...

I think in most people's lives the good has overshadowed the bad. If we were to diagram it, we probably had more good than bad things happen; the bad just seem more memorable.


Glenda said...

Really and truly I do read your entries daily as they arrive in my email; I resolve to go to the blog and comment, then life happens. My December was totally hectic. Too many distractions, but there's been good in all the "bad". And wow, I love the Buick Riviera, a friend had one like it in gray, beautiful. Thank you for all your efforts to bring daily smiles. Love and hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Lisa said...

I remember those down feelings after Christmas but as I got older, Iearned to look ahead and always find something else to look forward to.
I love you blog. I actually miss you when when you don’t have a new entry on a day.

Go get some pie!

Mevely317 said...

... and your posts make THIS reader feel good!
There's no denying the 'let down' following Christmas Day. Or, in our case, when I'm forced (lol) to put away the tree next month on Epiphany. Like Lisa, I think it's key to find something to look forward to. Even limited by the pandemic, we have to become more creative.
Yep. When all's said and done, I feel mighty blessed.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank goodness the good overwhelms the bad. I too feel very blessed. It was different here this year, but truly all good! wish you both many good blessings in the New Year. 2020 is full of hope for the future !

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is to say 2021 is full of hope for the future !

yaya said...

Life is full of highs and lows, hellos and goodbyes. The lows and goodbyes make the rest much sweeter. I've learned more lessons in those low times. If we lived closer to you and Sherry we'd invite you for good eats! We miss the Christmas carols the most after the holidays. But I'm ready for a new year...this one has been hard.

Dar said...

Even with after Christmas hoopla and woes, there is goodness somewhere in every single day, even if it's just the song of a bird. Being a birdwatcher, I'm so thrilled with someone new on my feeders...this time, the Pine and Evening Grosbeaks have finally returned after 5-6 hard years for them. One hit my window this morning and I thought for sure he would die. I lifted him up, stroking his head and feeling his rapid heartbeat in my hand, as he slowly revived. He just flew to the trees after resting on the deck for nearly an hour. Prayers answered, even for God's birds. After Christmas woes to me, mean only that Christmas is every day one way or another. God's blessings to you and Sherry this new year coming.
loven'hugs from up north where we are still in a cold spell with promises of warmth in the 30's very soon.

Woody said...

It sometimes does seem like a little let down after Christmas, the frenzy of opening presents, looking for a missing piece of a toy, wrapping paper strewn all over, laughter, love and then the pick up, sorting, and putting away and the bare looking tree. It seldom is that way anymore as I am truly Thankful I am here everyday and have the love of a wonderful wife, a roof over my head and a full belly, God is good to me ! I am Thankful as each day is a Present. Sending down end of year Blessings t you and Sherry ! Gary an Anna Mae