Thursday, December 31, 2020

THE Year 2020, remembering life; the UGLY and the GOOD.

 Autos of beauty

 What a difference 81 years make: 1939 and 2020 Chevy convertibles.

(Posting early to pack up the computer.)

For today, I welcome 2021, 2020 is hindsight:

Statements some of you have heard and cringe:

“I envy you, you can eat anything you want and not gain a pound!”

“You have a great life, never a problem!”

Right now I am looking back over our life, and overall it has been great.

Like a lot of families we have had some good and ugly things happen in our lives. Drugs and alcohol have been the cause of most. I want to say here, if drugs have not touched your family you are SOOOO blessed. Divorce is another. YES we remember them, some vividly. We remember praying. Crying privately and together for wayward sons. I remember especially standing at a sink once, washing dishes, crying and saying, “I can fix just about anything, but I cannot fix a son.” I also remember Wondering, “How much of this is my fault? I still cannot know.”

My dad & mom were perfect. They never had an education, they wanted to see me graduate High School. Being real……., they tried but yet they could not prevent their ‘wayward’ son from being a dropout, leaving home and joining the USMC.

Don’t get upset, age is talking here. I know I am old, only a few years left in life at best. Age doesn’t always bring wisdom. Now being REAL overall, we have had a great life. OH YES….And Those wayward sons,? now men!

Mark and his kids on our family cruise

Jack Jr and his 4 boys the last time we got them together in Utah

The oldest Jack Jr. is a genius. Probably an IQ higher than mine. He has opened and managed two or three offices for the courier service he works for. Presently he is 62 years old and owns two homes. Now he is just happy to drive as a courier and be his own boss. As a single parent he has raised 4 good, sharp sons and proud of them all.

That younger, a wild one, became the best employee I ever had. He became a contractor himself and built bigger and better homes than his dad. He still owns two homes also. He has three smart, hardworking kids, two sons and a sweet daughter.

Both boys have had bumps in their own lives, but have handled them and overall they too are proud.

Lemme tell you I always had HOPE for a good ending, but there were times I thought I would be visiting them in prison or burying them early.

Hey, I am coasting toward the finish line proud of my sons and also our wonderful talented grands and Great grands…..

As the year 2020 ends and I prepare to become 82 years OLD. I know we prayed necessarily for a lot of years over the boys. We worried too much. WE even turned to ALANON for a year or so. But as I approach 82 I am breathing easier, have a wonderful life and looking to make 83. ;-)

Sorry to bore you with history, but the past is past and life is good. WELCOME 2021!!!!!


PS: I would still prefer the 1939 convertible if I had a choice. ;-)


betty said...

I have spent so much of my life praying for my son. It has had so many ups and downs and times I wondered if I would get a call from the morgue or the jail, but by the grace of God (and only by the grace of God) it was not the morgue and we could handle what had to be handled. They do grow up and they do get a bit wise. And we are thankful for what we have and the great gifts given. He is merciful and compassionate and I'm thankful for that! So very thankful!

Happy New Year Sherry and Jack!


Glenda said...

Great post, wishing y'all a Happy and Healthy New Year 2021! Safe travels, Love from Chobee, Glenda

Mevely317 said...

I agree ... this is a great post! Looking at my own 'checkered' life, I'm so thankful for the times God didn't let me have my own way. Sometimes I wonder if those folks with (seemingly) perfect lives realize how blessed they are? Or! Are we more blessed for having come near the edge and back again in one piece? (*smile*)
Happy New Year and love from rainy Alabama!
Myra and Tom

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You can be proud, your sons turned out to be great men. I too am proud of mine, they are all wonderful people and it is great to have them and their families in my life. They are mostly my reason for living the good life I have now. They certainly are my motivation for what I do. They make me want to be better, just to keep up with them. We are blessed ! Good thoughts for a New Year Day~ Happy New Year to you both. it's going to be a good one!

Dar said...

Our prayer bones have had their work cut out for them but as prayer goes, God answered and all is right with our loved ones for the most part. Yes, we have had our ups and downs but making sure to find the good in each day has made us better people. Once again, you hit it on the nose. I don't know a single family that is perfect. We still think highly of our parents as it should be.
loven'hugs from up north where we will strive for another good year...Lord providing. Happy New Year Jack and Sherry.!!!

yaya said...

We have prayed...and still pray daily for our boys and their families. Yes, we battled the scary drug fears when our youngest was a teenager. He has many regrets from his youth that included friends who did end up in the morgue. Thankfully he lives a good, hard working life now although he never wants kids or to be married. I'm just glad he's healthy! Once someone said to me that I didn't have any problems. I laughed and said everyone has problems but we don't always talk about it. I wish you a very happy new year and many more blogs of wisdom to share!

Barbara of Branson said...

me too. love that 39. just my age.