Monday, December 7, 2020

Truth is RD1 (Nasty) Stockton was a good guy

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Wednesday’s stuff:

There are people in this world you can depend on to tell you the truth while avoiding thorns and spurs.

There are people who will spin a tale to tell the truth, WHILE OTHERS delight in ‘telling it like it is.’

There are people who enjoy seeing others squirm, as they tell the truth turning the screws to make it hurt more.

There are many times when you KNOW the truth, but KNOW there are reasons to be quiet.

True facts are considered and treated differently by our personalities. When I tell my girl she is the most beautiful woman in the world she ‘makes a face.’ My girl says I am no judge of beauty; I, on the other hand, tell her I am an expert on beauty. When I was 16 the movie stars didn’t light my candle, but Sherry Harris lit a blow torch.  ;-)

I would venture to say that many of us have been HURT by the truth, told in a DIRECT way.  There have been times ‘I asked for it, and got it. LOL

Liberty after weeks or months at sea is always welcome. Once a group from my division left the ship in J-ville (Jacksonville, FL) and went to the Acey-Duecy Club (FIRST and SECOND Class Petty Officers club) for a beer and to shoot some pool.

Two pretty girls walked up and sat at our table. RD1 (Radarman First Class) Stockton bought the next round of drinks ignoring the girls. (Aboard ship Stockton’s, nick name was ‘Nasty’.)

One of the girls asked snidely, “Are we intruding?” (As in: ‘Sailors NEVER ignore us?’),

To which Nasty said, ”H-ll yes you are intruding, no one asked you to sit here!”

The rest of us just sitting there shaking our heads, we knew that was just Nasty being himself.

(At least one person reading this will know ole' Nasty. Right Were you ashore with us?)


PS: I must tell this since it fits. Sherry just called our niece Vickie to wish her a happy birthday. In the course of the conversation Vickie said her family is having a BD party tonight for her. Her grandson had whispered to her yesterday, “Nana, we have you a big birthday cake, but it is a secret!”  And there again is THE TRUTH.

Below from Buddy:


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So true about speaking the truth. It can be tricky, but Sherry should know by now, you are telling her the truth. We all know just how much she means to you. You have told us that truth often enough, that I believe it to be true. Hope you are enjoying your trip and show us some pictures of the sights. A little Florida sunshine would be appreciated right now ! Keep safe and enjoy!

yaya said...

The truth can be hurtful and sometimes not necessary unless it will be of benefit to say so. However, kindness is always in style, welcome, and can be used to deliver the truth in a way that will be beneficial. Sherry is just being modest...beautiful girls are like that! Have a good day!

Mevely317 said...

Oh my gosh about Nasty's nasty comment. Honestly, he doesn't sound like anyone I'd like to know.
This is sure an interesting subject. I always say I prefer to hear the plain, unvarnished truth -- but, of course, (unsaid) done in a tactful manner. Early in our marriage Tom had a doctor with zero 'bedside manner.' Finally, I asked for -- and got -- an appointment just to talk and tell him how I/we felt. Surprisingly, his attitude did change for the better.

betty said...

I think people "deserve" to hear the truth but I believe it can be delivered in such a way not to hurt people's feelings or cause an uproar. Nasty's comment fit in the hurt people's feelings one. A polite answer would have been more appropriate. Just shows the value of how we need to figure out our words to say.


Dar said...

Of course, Sherry is beautiful inside and out just like her man. You two are so right for each other as you portray humble and kind to the max. It's so easy to be nice, even to the Nasty's of the world. They need love just like the rest of us. I so enjoyed this entry, Jack. Though truth can sometimes hurt, it usually makes for a better person so long as the 'truth' is not hurtfully intended. Very well written.
love n' hugs from up north where I get hit with the truth often around the card

Sheila Y said...

The opposite of truth, but I remember Jerry Clower talking about one of the Ledbetter’s ( not Marcell ), “he’d rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth”.
Hello from up the road, Sheila