Saturday, October 25, 2008

Relaxing and waiting for another PROOF

We are sitting here in the Motor home just relaxing as usual. Weather is beautiful. We try to walk a couple miles every day. I do not have much in the line of discipline anymore. My Sherry has discipline. She is my nurse and never forgets, the Doctor says two drops in the morning and two in the evening. I would forget, she does not.

Awhile ago someone told us that vinegar and honey would assist you in living forever. I kept it up for a few weeks, then fell by the wayside. Sherry still keeps it up. I guess she is going to stick around and spend the savings all $39.95 of it. HA!

I know we all look back at photos of ourselves when we were young and small, my screensaver just jumped up showing a picture of me looking into the window of our trailer at Jack. Then my waist was 29”. I was in my Air Force uniform.

That will never be again. Now I have loose skin and it is very wrinkled. I remember seeing old folks that looked like this and thinking I will stay in shape that will NEVER happen to me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Amazing how short NEVER is sometimes, huh? Speaking of teeth. Mine must be getting old. I have a mouthful of fillings, I did not take good care of my teeth in my early years. The Navy filled my teeth as they needed it. If they had not added all that weight I would weigh much less.

Sherry took a call from home on Monday. Everyone was at Hardees having a great time. I think I started talking about my book too soon, everyone knows it is coming and wants to know when. To say I am excited would be an understatement. The one thing I never expect to do is sell a lot of copies. I know the only way that is done is for the publisher to put it in every book store and push it. Naturally I would like for it to sell a lot of copies, but it is one of those things I just wanted to do. The average book printed in the world today sells 150 copies. I can’t wait to see it in print.

NIte Shipslog

PS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
How do you know when you're stayingin a Redneck motel?When you call the front desk and say,I gotta leak in my sink, and theclerk replies, 'Go ahead'.
Did you hear that they have raised the minimum drinking age for Rednecks to 32?It seems they want to keep alcoholout of the high schools.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Two reasons why it's so hard to solve a Redneck murder:1) The DNA is all the same2) There are no dental records
Who invented the toothbrush ?A Redneck.(If it had been invented by anyone else,it would have been called a teethbrush.)

Just us red necks are ‘posed to laugh. We get mad when the rest of you do!!!

(I wanted to scan our Florida ballot, but my scanner does not work with VISTA!@!!*%$%^)


Glendy said...

Jack, I took the AOL quiz this week and the economy is so tough in Maine that LOBSTER is selling for the same price as a pound of bologna.
($3.99) Makes me want to check out the price here in OKEE! LOVE that lobstah.

Debbie said...

My brother in law drinks apple cider vinegar every day because it's suppose to help with your health. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! I don't see how anyone drinks that stuff, lol.
If I had written a book I would have telling people too. It would be kinda hard to keep that excitement to yourself for so long.
Love the redneck jokes, hahaha.
Hope you and Sherry are having a nice weekend!

P.S. I'm really stumped on how to solve the problem with Shirl's journal. I did read she isn't the only one having this problem after changing to the embedded post at bottom for comments but her latest entry has no place to comment at all.

Debbie said...

Oh I forgot to say that when I bought our printer copier scanner that I did research to make sure it was compatible with my computer before I purchased it. Well, it's not. The only thing I've been able to use it for is to make copies of important things at the shop. I almost know it wouldn't work with Vista either because I bought it right before Vista came out. Probably the reason I got it so cheap, lol. These companies know what they are doing to keep their customers coming back for new products.

Sheila Y said...

Hi Jack, I went to my scanners website and was able to download a driver that made it work with Vista. Maybe you'll be able to find one. Good luck, Sheila

betty said...

I'm excited too about your book! maybe you should see if the local library will let you come and do a talk about your book so you can get your name out there and sell some books that way!

no joke; true story here; years ago the young author who wrote the book Eragon (don't know if you heard about that book, but it was the first book in a trilogy about a dragon) came to our local library in Montana. His family happened to live in Montana; about 100 miles from where we lived. He/sister were homeschooled; brillant young man, graduated high school age 15; too young to go to college; mom says find something to do until you go to college; he writes a book and they start marketing it.

He goes to local libraries, bookshops; dresses up like a minstrel from that time, tights, cute costume. draws a picture of the character Eragon, does a talk about the book; lots of people buy the book; autographed copies, you name it.

book goes on to be very popular and bought by Doubleday I think (or one of them; mass production)

original autographed copy of book he had published as a beginning writer sells on eBay for $5000

my daughter and me went to a talk he did at the library before he was famous; we bought an autographed copy he personally autographed with her name. she reads half the book but decides she doesn't like it; I'm getting rid of some things from her room and I throw the book away, never realizing he would do well and never realizing the book might be worth something down the line.

true story....

I'll keep your autographed one; you never know!!


Terri said...

I'm fixing to get back to exercising daily...this time last year i was walking 2+ miles a day...and felt really good...and had lost 18lbs... well I have probably gained all that back by Gonna try to lose it again and more I hope....

HAHA your savings sounds about like ours...

I hope your book sales skyrocket =)
I just know it will be a good read...

Have a lovely sunday