Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cease and Desist Order!!!

I can't find her, she has changed since shopping with Debbie's daughter! Terri, how did y'all get everything on one bag! I couldn't believe the difference. Let this be a warning, shoppong is dangerous to your health. Pretty ear rings won't help youstay young, Terri!.

Seeeeeee! Please folks don't encourage her anymore, I hardly recognize her.

And she used to be so sweet, She looked like this the last time I saw her!!!!

Public service announcement!!!!!

· According to what I see and read here on the Blogs, there are folks who are encouraging my sister to shop. Folks, shopping is not a sport. It is not one of the contests in the Olympics. My sister is a sweet lady, but getting up in yea@$. Spending money should not be encouraged. Hints and outright statements encouraging wasteful spending at a time when we are in recession is counterproductive. I SEE these statements from such exotic far out places as AL, KY(especially KY), NY and Texas(another especially) to name a few. STOP IT! This is a public safety appeal and has nothing what so ever to do with the fact that that I am the sole heir to her fortune (which, by the way, is diminishing daily thanks to the wanton encouragement).

Now don’t you feel better!

By the way I got my stimulus check. It was $6.23, stimulated me! Funny thing since I was knee high to a jackass (my name sake, does that make me a democrat?) I have heard you cannot borrow yourself out of debt, or trouble. Politicians did not go to the same school.
Really folks we are in trouble,
we need jobs here in the good old USA. Someone mentioned requiring all the military uniforms to be purchased in the USA. I thought that was a good idea. That would at least put a few textile mills back in operation, or keep the few going that are operating. Just as soon as I thought about that, someone else did too. Even the President mentioned something like that, right away it was said, “That will go contrary to our trade agreements with other countries.”
I thought, ‘then can’t we change some of the wording, surely it was not etched into stone.’

I hope if this stimulus creates jobs, and that at least some of the jobs created are permanent. I would hope the steel for the bridges we are going to build is to be US Steel. And as long as the stimulus money buys it (and not Shirls).
Thanks for reading this drivel.
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I have kleptomania,but when it gets bad,I take something for it.

I may be schizophrenic,but at least I have each other.

I am a Nobody.Nobody is Perfect.Therefore I am Perfect.


Debbie said...

HAHAHAHA! Terri & Shirl are just doing thier part to help with the economy. They ran out of money and were getting desperate. They were getting depressed cause they couldn't shop so they started spending YOUR money. When that is gone they plan to put out an appeal for a large part of the stimulus package. I think they said they would be going to Washington on Wednesday after their big shopping trip on Tuesday because after that shopping spree all your inheritance will be depleted. And I don't know for sure but I heard a rumor that you would no longer receive your SS check monthly, your identity has been stolen. Now I ain't saying it was stolen by these two frugal shoppers but it sounds suspicious to me.


Terri said...

Jack where did you get those pics of me and Shirl on our shopping spree? What are you the paparazzi? Those earrings were $500 Jack...I may not look young in that pic...but I sure do feel it while I am out shopping till I drop...I'm going to have a talk with Shirl and see if we can make a stop at Cover Girl and see if they have any age defying products we can buy since you think we have aged and are hardly recognizable...thanks Jack..we love family members who tell us the truth...better yet..I might see if Shirl would give us the okay to spend some of those checks on some Botox...we would look fine as frog hair with some of that there stuff :)

Just doing our part in helping the economy...hehe


Rose said...

Oh my, I was on the way to the Mall...but took one look at those earrings and decided to stay home and exercise instead with my Walk at Home DVD! I even went in the pool for a swim and all was free! Florida is glorious this time of the year! But, I will still say I miss New England!


Paula said...

If they got it all in one bag maybe its real expensive stuff like diamonds. Don't be so tight with that inheirtance.

Sheila Y said...

Jack, I have to agree with you on the smells of Cinnamon buns and popcorn. I took the snow off the blog, but I haven't given up hope of getting snow before winter is over. Before you know it Shirl will be flying to Paris to shop. Take care, Sheila

shirl72 said...

Jack I am in NY and I have sent Terri a plane
ticket to get here as soon as possible. You know our Sister loved shopping also. I remember
her saying Filene's had good sales. You know
how good Terri is finding the bargins. If you get your stimulus check could you wire it to Terri and she can bring it. And go tell Denise at the bank could she transfer some funds from the CD's over to the MM. We are having such fun. I will check to see how much is left when we finish our Shopping spree. You don't want to
us to be unhappy shoppers by making me feel bad
about spending the money.


betty said...

you are too funny Jack!! I can't imagine Shirl going crazy with shopping and if she can and still pay all her bills I say GO FOR IT!! have fun with it!! I know she is a faithful person with her serving work so I think its awesome if she pampers herself a bit going on spending sprees

I'm so with you, Jack, we need jobs....I don't see it coming......but what do I know??

cute entry; enjoyed the pictures


Terri said...

I am on the plane and can hardly wait to get to NY...thank goodness for laptops so I could keep up with everyone on blogger cause Lord knows I will get behind once I reach Shirl in NY and we begin our shopping spree....hurry up with that stimulus check please...I am afraid our funds are getting a little low... not quite sure there will be any left for you sorry...truly sorry


Terri said...

Oh yeah one more thing....I hate to bother you...but also please make sure you moved money over from the CD to the MM so the checks don't bounce....

Thanks bunches...