Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rags, on the road at a snails pace, but on the way.

I also love to read Swashbucklers, when I get a chance....
Click the picture to see the cover of my new book Rags. That is a 1934 Ford coupe! My favorite (old) car, never owned one. The '55 Chev is my actual favorite car, but it isn't old.
Sunday edition of the LOG:

Sunday morning and absolutely beautiful weather. Walked out to church this morning. Ron Wellner did a great job (Sherry said).
I am thrilled with the reception of Rags. Sherry liked it so that is a good barometer. I guess I can say I have accomplished something within my own family. I have got a couple reading, that have never read before.
It is amazing how much enjoyment there is in books, and so many folks are not readers. I am a guilty one. I seldom read except books pertaining to work or associated with my occupation at the time. Oh, on the ship occasionally I would pick up a western that was lying around to read while stand in the chow line. Westerns are still my ‘relaxing’ books. They are easy to read, and I, like many boys, always wanted to be a cowboy. Thanks to my buddy Sonny, I have read everything Louis L’amour has written. Sonny has a leather bound collection, I loaded half of them in the basement of the motor home and read them over the course of one winter. Then read the other half the next winter. I will still buy one of his books at a yard sale, just to re-read it. However that is seldom because L’amour books are kept, most of the time.
Now since I have discovered the joys of reading, my appetite is varied. I read pretty fast and devour a good book. There is always an ‘after Christmas feeling’ when I finish a long book. You feel good but are sorry it is over and now it is time to meet new people in another book.
I enjoy series at times, I think the best series was by John Jakes, it was a bi-centennial historical fiction series ‘The Kent Family Chronicles’. I couldn’t wait to start the next book. I bought the whole series for $2. When you start reading late like I did you have thousands of good books to pick from. Jack Higgins happens to be my favorite writer, over the last few years, but now I have read everything of his.
My attempt at writing is a fun thing. Since I was a story teller for many years, it is a little hard to go from oral to written. Orally there are many more ways to express yourself, plus you can repeat, if it looks like your audience missed something. Then I have so many props that help. You would be amazed (maybe you wouldn’t), I was, at the number of red lines on most pages I write. Haha!
Thanks for coming this way.
NIte Shipslog
AND THIS FROM SOUTH CAROLINA . . . 'You can say what you want about the South, but I ain't never heard of anyone wanting to retire to the North!’


Paula said...

What was I thinking? I've seen this lovely car in your blog. A '56 chevy passed us today and it sure was running good. Wish we had an old car to drive around on Sundays but John won't buy one. Pout pout.

Sheila Y said...

I like series books too, I have the 'Mossy Creek' series and the 'Ladies of Covington'. I also like 'Miss Julia' books. But I guess they would be more a 'girls' book than 'guys'...ha.
Hope you have a wonderful day in sunny Florida, Sheila

shirl72 said...

I womdered what happened to my comment it said
they posted. I had a good time at the 80th Birthday party. A lady was there age 99 look good and was very alert. You are doing OK to
be 70 we have a long way to go. Hang in there
your mind will finally kick in. You are not a
lost cause. I still wonder where my comments
are because I don't remember what I said. They
are on a different blog. Woe is me.

shirl72 said...

I found my comments they are under the cat.


Jean said...

My husband love to read western books he has hundreds (yes hundreds) Louis L'amour and William Johnstone is his favorite. He can’t wait until Johnstone has a new one out. The trouble is he will sit and read one until he finishes it and it doesn't last but one maybe two days. Lol.
He just started reading them about five years ago after I retired. I’ve been thinking about starting a second hand bookstore, lol. I'm glad he enjoys reading them. Take care, jean

Lucy said...

Sticky has got me reading again. I used to go to the library all the time. Then I got the computer...Woe is me. Now Sticky is jogging the fact that I loved reading. Lucy

Terri said...

I for one you got to enjoy reading...

In school I was never really into it...I had better things to do back

I can't wait to read have a wonderful way with words my friend...