Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gracefully Grasping for Dignity

Wiley Harris, Sherry's dad, a little before we found out he was sick.(Cancer)
Mama at our house. The rest of the family visiting, Jr. & Mo from Shelby, Kat & Dick from New York. This was a small BR in our house, Shirl had one about the same at her house. Mom was moved from our house to Shirl's & back & back to Shirl's etc.


I have just received a shipment of my latest book. The title was furnished by Debbie (of internet fame from Boon docks and Flapdoodle). This is my first attempt at a non-fiction book.
The book is a compilation of personal stories and information I feel relevant to seniors of today. There are many books on the market that deal with facts and figures, government requirements etc. In this book I took a different approach.

Some things I have learned by the campfire, some from experience and some by research. It is hard for us older folk to understand the younger generation and how they think. Today’s world is different. Most families are not equipped to handle a parent living in with them. They are bogged down just trying to make ends meet. Also presently most all the adults work, and the children are in school or other activities.
When I started the book my idea for my incapacitated years was this: I told my sons, put me in a home, come see me when you can. Don’t let me put a guilt trip on you for not visiting. I have lived my life. Loved it, enjoyed it and I do not want to end it being in somebody’s way and interfering in their lives.
By the same token and at the same time I had planned on leaving our house to the sons and what little money we had saved. HA! I have found that is a pipe dream. Unless something is done early, every penny of your savings and the house will be gone in just a short period of time, then you would be eligible for Medicaid, and the Government will take care of you.
There is no legal advice (except to say you may need some). It covers when I feel a nursing home is necessary. Drivers license, home ownership, hiding money, your obituary, your funeral, your stuff, your casket, your responsibilities in reference to those.
Shirl's & my families together, took care of my mother in her last years in our homes. She never went to a nursing home (good or bad idea?). I discuss that, pro and con. Sherry’s family took care of her Dad in his home before he passed away. Shirl took care of in-laws also in their last years. She has a lot of experience and consulted with me on the book. It is written in large print and is only a hundred pages.

It is available at, and for $8.95 + shipping. I have it here for $6 inc. shipping. An e-mail to: will get it on it's way.

It is not the only book or information you will need as you reach ‘Decision time’, but I think it will be helpful. It has the possibility of saving you or your family money. If you have forgotten an insurance policy, have you?

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shirl72 said...

Well now Debbie is famous. We need to get this in the Newspaper. That is wonderful news about the book. I hope it helps a lot of people.
We learn some of the things the hard way.
Congratulations Jack on the book and Debbie
for the title. Sounds Good.


Paula said...

I think I'll pass on this one and wait for the next. I just finished "Sticky" last night and ready to start "Rags". Sticky was great.

Debbie said...

Internet fame? More like internet shame, hahaha. But thanks and thanks to Shirl for the congrats. I'm looking forward to reading it. I'll probably read it before I ever make it to Terri's house to pick up Rag's which I'm also looking forward to reading but just haven't been to her part of the boondocks lately.


PS: I noticed the book on your bookshelf and from what I can see I do like the cover you chose for it.

betty said...

looking forward to reading it!!


Terri said...

Congrats on the book and Congrats to Mom on the title...good job to both of you!

Can't wait to get my copy