Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am leaving you, I am dying

This is MY Valentine fifty years later
This is my Valentine in the mid fifties.....

This is the most serious entry I have ever made. If anyone was reading this Blog about a year ago I spent a week explaining my Epiphany. I have always loved this girl that I married when I was 17. We have both been successful in our own right. Last year I realized without her help and love I would have had nothing.
Sherry chided me the other day when I said, on this blog that ‘I was getting on Her last nerve’, she said you know that is not so. I said I know it but most folks would not believe we live together 24/7. WE are NEVER separated (excerpt when she sneaks off to buy me a birthday card while we are grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. )
I have intentionally waited awhile to post this so it would be old news. So the family would not get up in arms and demand we come home.
I was ready for bed some time ago and my dear wife, said,
‘you had better take me to the hospital!’
I feel bad.’ I did not question it, when she says that I know it is bad. Don’t call 911, just take me. I dressed and we headed out. It is about ten miles there.
Note: We are not familiar with emergency rooms; I have been to three in my whole life. We have never spent time in the hospital except her having little boys.
I helped her in, I was signing her in with one hand and holding her with another. They looked at her in a few minutes said take a seat and you will be called.
was holding her, this woman I have loved for over 52 years. She is my life. Then she knocked my lights out. She looked at me and smiling she said, “I love you, I am leaving you now, I love you.”
“Sweetheart , What do you mean?”
“I am dying, I love you, I don’t feel a thing I am numb all over.”( I had continually checked her heart it was strong at 100-120 a minute.)
Here I must digress:
Once, a few months after we were married, we were swimming in the ocean alone. Back then you could find a mile of beach to have by yourself. I had heard of undercurrent, but did not take it seriously. As we walked in the water, I tried to take us back to shore but could not. It was like walking on marbles and they were rolling out to sea. We fought the water, she could not swim. I told her she had better pray (She was the real pray-er of us two) I told her I cannot get us back to shore. We fought until she gave up. She had long dark hair, I will never forget if I live to be a hundred. She looked at me and said, “ I love you, I give up,” and stuck her head in the water and that beautiful hair spread out in a circle. I grabbed the hair, pulled her head out of the water and said you will not give up, folks will say I brought you out here and drowned you. I pulled, pushed, towed and swam. I worked until we were safe. I held her, we were so in love.
This was different there was no water to fight, just a reserved sweet smile as she said, “I am dying.”
I jumped up got folks attention, “My wife is dying, help!” I don’t think they actually knew what to do. I have been told, if you want to see a doctor call 911 and go in by ambulance and you will see one soon. I could see them discussing and then came over with a wheel chair and took her away. I could not go.
A nice lady came over and sat beside me, “That was your wife, you have been together a long time, I can tell, the spark is still there. She will be alright.” At least the lady spoke so I could see her lips and spoke distinctly; I could understand her, which is very unusual.
Anyway my girl was all right, I brought her home that night. Anxiety attack they said. I didn’t care just so I had her back. You know we are old folks, but I love to kiss my woman. I had not kissed her for three days because of colds. But you can bet I forgot colds flu, germs or whatever, I kissed my girl. I held her close and tight. I have heard a lot of things in my life, but the worst I have ever heard was, “I am leaving you, I am dying.”
Thank God She is with me. I have waited to post this, but I will still get some flak from the family maybe.
But that is my Valentine entry! I have her and that is what counts. Happy Valentine’s Day my love. You are the greatest, without you I am nothing, with you I am a King.
Nite Shipslog,
All those guys that wanted her can go fly a kite, I got her.
I love this girl, my Valentine.

This entry is made early because we are going to a Birthday party over on the East Coast. Tomorrow night I will tell her how much I love her in a motel room. Ah ha!Be quiet, we will be trying to sleep.


Lucy said...

Jack, I just want you to say it is not so. That everyone will be ok. You have always joked so much, Please say you are joking. You 2 are never apart. I have always said how amazing it is, the type of altogether, would never understand such love and commitment and I wished ours could be so deep. Love and hugs to you both. Just say it was a bad joke!!! Lucy

shirl72 said...

I cannot believe you didn't tell us after Sherry was OK. You know we would have been on the next plane. I do realize our family is so close it would have been real crowded with all us out there. That is one thing we do take care of each other. You had better tell the next time of course we would insisted you come home. I guess we will forgive you this time but it better happen again. Your boys are going to be really upset when they find out you didn't tell.

Love Shirl

shirl72 said...

Now that you have told everybody and got us
upset we will have a meeting and insist you
come home and behave yourself. We are to old to
be told something like this now. Now we will be
worried all the time. Thanks for stressing
us out after everything is over. You will get some pretty strong language from your Boys and Grandchildren. Now we will continually worry
while you are traveling that something else
may happen. I am telling Vernon and he will be
mad. HA HA HA You want see my comments until
you get back from the Birthday Party. I hope
it worries you that you have worried us. LOL
I am to old for this.

Love Shirl Now your worried Sister

Love Shirl

Sandra said...

that happened to me too but I called 911.... they took good care of me too. Had an anxiety attack and have had more.... if it happens again she may try breathing in a paper bag for a bit and it may help... i used to have a paper bag by my bed all the time just in case. It is scarry.
Hope she is feeling better now

Jean said...

It is sad when you go to ER in a ambulance they will take you in and start treating you but when you go in your car they will keep you waiting.
I hope Sherry continues to be okay. Take care, jean

Rose said...
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Rose said...

I made some typos in my first comment so I'm doing it over.

I cried reading your entry. It is so special to love someone so much. How lucky you both are to have each other. I'm so happy your wife is o.k.

I'm a widow and today would have been my anniversary, yes we got married on Vaentine's Day.

Hugs, Rose

Ally Lifewithally said...

Your love for each other is wonderful ~ may you have many ~ MANY more years together ~ Ally x

Terri said...

Jack this entry had me in tears and scared me...I just knew something really bad had happend to one of you as I was reading heart just sank! I hope you two realize how much you are loved around here by your friends...

I am soooo very glad Sherry is okay...big hugs to her!

So very glad that your Valentine is right where she needs to be, in your arms :)

Big hugs to you both...Happy Valentines Day!

Love ya!

Debbie said...

All I can say right now is I'm crying and trembling. I will be back later when I gain composure. I love you Jack & Sherry!

Love & Hugs

Woody said...

WOW, what a "POST"! I fully understand, after all my trips to the Hospital either by car, Ambulance or Helicopter for By-Pass surgery and several Stents I did not want to go into surgery unless my Honey was there so I could have one last touch of her hand and one last kiss before I went into surgery.

Keeping you in our prayers as always!!!!

Gary & Anna Mae

Monica said...

I came by way of Terri's blog and I must say you had me in a puddle of tears with this entry. I could see my husband and I in the entry. I know we each would be lost without each other.

I pray Sherry is continueing to feel good now. Much love to both of you.


Sheila Y said...

I am so glad Sherry is okay. Your love is an inspiration to us all. That was very sweet of the lady who came and talked to you, and I'm glad you were able to hear what she said. I'll be thinking of you both, Sheila

Paula said...

This entry had me holding my breath. Has Sherry seen a doctor about anxiety attacks? I know it isn't any of my business but I just want to say my youngest daughter is on medication for them and it really helps her. I know they are a very scary feeling and I wish she would never have another.

Anonymous said...

Deb sent me this way & at first I read, but did not comment. I think I was crying instead of commenting.. Why did I keep picturing Omar Sharif typing this? What a wonderful entry.

Lucy said...

Jack YOU SCARED THE H__LL out of me and do not ever do that to me again. It did not show the part where she was ok or the anziety attack. Glad I was not the only one that was not sure what might be wrong. Blame me, I went straIGHT TO Shirl. and she was going to lash you with a wet noodle. Hope she You both mean a lot to us as you can see. Lucy

betty said...

oh my gosh, Jack, how scary! I'm so glad and thankful Sherry is okay!!! what an awful thing for both of you to have to go through!!!

(loved the pictures of the birthday party; looks like lots of fun and that cake sounded delicious!)

do take care of Sherry!!!