Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tampa and Alligators

This is a picture of the four main characters of the two books, Sticky and RAgs.

Now for todays excitng Flroida entry............

Shoot, we are close to Tampa, we might just watch TV. I just raised the antennae so Sherry could see what was on. (BTW the cappuccino was good on the way down here) She is in bed early tonight. She wants a TV that you can just turn on and watch. They don’t make those any more. Every time we move we have to reprogram the TV’s and figure out the buttons, then we do not watch them. Maybe this time we will.

As some of you know and Createspace distribute my books. I was just advised by Amazon that will also carry Sticky and Rags. Well I was surprised, and went a-looking. They are there, but they did not show up in a search. Of course I wanted to see so I looked through all the books and found them. I am not fussing because they are buried, I am just glad someone else is carrying them.

We are out in the woods again. I love it out here. We are on the Hillsborough River. The ranger gave us a paper saying we could go with them in a canoe to look at some Alligators this Friday. I guess we will pass since we have seen enough alligators in our back yard to keep us happy about alligators.

They are interesting though. True story:
When I was in the Air Force I was stationed at a small Radar site in Kirksville, Missouri: Lovely town, great folks and beautiful country. Rolling hills and clean air. Our commanding officer was a major since it was a small site. I was a repairman for the Radar computer. One day I needed a new notebook and some solder, so I made a trip to supply. About a 75 yard walk, everything was close. When I walked in Terry, who was from Louisiana bayou country, had just returned from leave. He brought a pet back with him, a two foot baby alligator. He had a pencil with a ‘gold leaf’ on the eraser end. A gold leaf is the military insignia for a Major (same as our commanding).
What in heck are you doing Terry?”
Hey, Jack my man, I done brung this dude back frum the bayou.”
“I can see that Terry, but it gets cold here in Missouri he ain’t going to like it?”
“Downe matta, I keeps him warm. I be teaching this sucker to hate majors, I beat him with this gold leaf heah, I savin hime fur the major. When he gro beeg, I’m gonna take him to the C.O.’s office and turn him loose.”

I wish I could type like a Cajun tawks. Anyway everyone got a kick out of his joke. The major even laughed. I don’t know what happened to the Alligator.

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Helen said...

I hope you get that TV programmed and enjoy watching it sometimes. That alligator tale was cute. Wonder what did happen to it LOL. Enjoy your stay down there. Helen

shirl72 said...

That is good news about your book. I'm doing as much PR as I can. I have got to go back to the Banner and give Thomas a litte talking too.

Just keep the alligators in Fl. I love hear
Cajun. Justin Wilson is funny.


Michele said...

So... are your books children's books then???
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I get together with about 20 retired teachers and teaching assistants from time to time (I'm newly retired from teaching).I'm trying to get a retiree blog going, but so far everyone seems a little afraid of it and only 4 have signed up to author it! I'm the only one that has posted anything so far! The Rambunctious Retirees are not living up their name!

I just started the family one also! I really like the journaling that a lot of people do however! I may need to start a 3rd one all of my own!!

As for music, I play a lot of art openings, receptions, and even concerts... However, the economy is taking it's toll on the number of gigs I'm getting lately! Still enjoy playing for church services and such!

Enjoy that sunny Florida weather!! Glad you stopped by!

Paula said...

I'm with Sherry just a plain ole' TV would do fine. I had my converter box installed and had the nicest picture and yesterday when I turned it back on there was nothing but static.

Sheila Y said...

Congratulations on I'm glad the cappuccino machine was working. When we lived in San Antone, the diamond shamrock close to our house had double mocha. I loved it, I have some hills bros but it's not the same. Then the coffee shop down from our house in Washington state turned me on to Caramel mocha. *bucks here just can't fix it as well. I'm through rambling...ha. take care, Sheila

Lucy said...

I FINISHED "STICKY" DESPITE ALL THE INTERUPPTIONS. I really liked it and can't wait to get into Rags but first I have to make a big pan of sticky buns. Tell Sherry I would share but they wouldn't be as good as the ones made when I was younger. I do not like cappucino. I prefer coffee with my sticky buns. It is cheaper to. Lucy

Debbie said...

Wow! That's great that Target is handling your books too. You may become famous before you know it. Now don't you be shipping no alligators to KY. we don't want 'em!


Terri said...

That is awesome that Target is selling your books as well! I hope to start reading Rags some this weekend...I just started reading the Twilight Saga this week ...there are 4 books in that 400+ pages each I believe....

I honestly can't believe I am enjoying reading as much as I am ...I use to not enjoy it at all...

I have you to Thank for getting me into reading again :)