Monday, February 23, 2009

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a notice to the ones (TERRI) who are planning on spend ALL my inheritance. There has been a hold put on all Miss Shirls accounts until she is examined by competent Medical personnel. WE all sump'n is wrong! I am only interested in her welfare (and MY inheritance) . So y'all can forget Flings BAsement! (or whoever) So just turn that plane around!!!!
I talked to the president, he agrees.


shirl72 said...

Agnes Horsley think I should be analized. I will as soon as we get our shopping done.
Jack we are having so much fun. We have got to
have the shower for the baby cows before you
have me check out.


Woody said...

Not only do I see a "Beautiful Woman" but I see a General Electric Frig, I see what I think is a electrical Fuse Panel Box over the frig, on the table is can of (YUCK) PET evaporated Milk.

If you need some "Authority" I will express mail you down one of my "Police Badges" to use! I have a pistol but the one bullet they gave me to carry I lost it somewhere so that won't do ya any good!! LoL !

Paula said...

Now now kids lets quit that fighting and fussing.

Debbie said...

OH NO!!! This is getting serious!!! You calling an attorney, Woody sending badges and a pistol, you putting a hold on all of Shirl's accounts and considering having her commited. And you're even calling the President. But it's too late Jack. I'm afraid this is going to backfire on you and you are going to be the one spending time in the slammer for the checks that our bouncing like a ball in NY right now. At the time of this posting I received a call from Terri to let me know the plane had landed safely at JFK Airport and Shirl was waiting there for Terri anxiously and they were waiting on a cab to take them to a lavish restuarant before their shopping spree. Let me see what I can do on this end. Maybe I can arrange bail money for you if I can't do that maybe Legal Aide will take your case. Remember NY is in the Eastern time zone so your money may have already been spent before you placed that call to put a hold on the accounts. Poor, poor Jack! Hahahaha!

shirl72 said...

Terri and I are holding up in NY now we can't
say why. We can't get any help from Terri's
mother or my brother. We both are experience
dish washers.. The resturant where we had dinner have been real nice. We may even have
a place to stay. HA HA Now if we can just get
home. Woody you have not been any help.


shirl72 said...

I think this is wonderful how we at our age can
let out imagination run away that is a good
example that we are young at heart and can still play games.


Terri said...

Badges and pistols...Oh my!

::::Hiding behind Shirl::::: HAHAHA!