Saturday, October 17, 2009

Breakfast and Country and DOGS!

We thought of Paula and her Turtles when we passed this place in Jonesboro.
Now lookee here, we have horses in Arkansas, this one was bad so they staked him out where he could not eat. LOL

I loved this old plane, I do not know designations of older planes, but I like it.
Today's exciting entry!! (From Jonesboro, Ark. home of John Grisham!)

Today put a new wrinkle in our horn. We stopped by on the way to work for breakfast at a Café called the ‘Front Page Café’. I splurged again and got eggs. That came with country fried potatoes (No grits! I thought Arkansas was sorta country) your choice of gravy. I had to ask, what choices do I have.
“We have Sausage Gravy, White gravy and Chocolate gravy.”Answered the waitress.
Sherry asked, “Is that sweet?”
“I’ll take white gravy,” says I.
Chocolate gravy, ever heard of such? Not me. I filed that under something new, but that I do not want to try. Sherry is a different story, she might try it sometime.

We commuted the 39 miles to work for a couple hours. Sherry sat in the car did her Bible reading and read some in her newest novel (It is getting a little cool here now). I completed the drywall filling, shined some brass (I just have to shine brass, the Marine and Sailor in me). I repaired a leak in the kitchen sink while I was waiting around.

We took drive around Lepanto, there is some very nice areas to the small town. Then we took our through the country, like Paula, we love to travel the country side on country roads. I had hoped to see a cotton picker, or someone harvesting Soy or Rice. No luck. We did pass through ‘Red Oak’ population 283.

I know folks love a leash law, and in most places it is good to have, BUT I like to see dogs run loose when they can. Out here they do. I saw a beautiful black setter roaming around where I was working. Later I went to the Hardware store and he was on the inside wandering around, so I could pet him. He was very friendly. He probably thinks he owns the town. Later I saw him and two friends running together. I remember seeing that when I was a kid. But that time has passed, back home, and too many dogs have been bred to bite or fight. But in friendlier times boys and their dogs ran free.

Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
PS:****** Light travels faster than sound. That's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

****** Life isn't like a box of chocolates. It's more like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today, might burn your butt tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate gravy? LOL....I can't even imagine it! Love the poor horse on the roof, ha ha!

Helen said...

Whoever heard of chocolate gravy. My mother and I used to make a thin syrup out of chocolate,a little vanilla flavoring and milk, then cook until a thin syrup forms and pour it over hot buttered biscuits. Delicious. There is another blogger who talks about and takes pics of turtles. That sign would have made me think of her and Paula both. Helen

shirl72 said...

I think it is wonderful that the turtles have
their own development. Maybe you can get the horse down while you are there. I wonder what
Chocolate gravy would taste like. If you like
sweets it may be good over biscuts or toast instead of jelly. I will save the chocolate for
ice cream and cakes.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes during breakfast I share chocolate with my son.
A wonderful Sunday filled with the sweetness of life for you !

Paula said...

You should have ask for a sample of the chocolate gravy. Sounds interesting. Once after visiting the zoo we stopped to eat. The menu was so full of different kinds of soup my very young grandson ask the waitress "is there any way I could sample some of those so I know which one to order?" To our surprise the waitress brought him a good size sample of each kind. By the time he got through sampling he couldn't eat the bowl os soup he ordered.

betty said...

chocolate gravy, yum, on certain things though; not sure if I would like it on mashed potatoes, but biscuits yes

stay warm :)


Lucy said...

No chocolate gravy for me. I have to ask , what is wrong with toast with hashbrowns and eggs?? I notice it is usually biscuits and gravy when you talk about food. Has got to be a southern thing. Mom made biscuits when we were about to run out of home made bread. Just curious. Spunky is fine and bo girlfriend.

Woody said...

WHAT!!! "NO GRITS""", Eggs have to be "Over-Easy", a BIG side of grits floating in BUTTER, and a couple slices of tomater and toast!!!

I think I still remember "Brass'o", and rubbing the Port side Bell until you could use it to shave in and shining the Upper Brass Rails with a pair of "borrowed" socks from some unlucky shipmate!

Anna Maes back has made some progress, we are thinking of heading out end of November for "Thanksgiving" in Florida then on to Belmont NC to visit one of our past Pastors.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack...and Sherry too....never heard of chocolate gravy..not even sure I would want to taste it LOL...and have you eaten "tomato gravy"?? it is good...a southern dish!!! and no rude...why two eggs over light...biscuits and gravy and a bowl of grits make the best breakfast around...but will have to say that it was years after I married hubby before I would try the I enjoy them all the time...sounds like you two "happy wanderers" are storing up lotsa good memories...and pictures too LOL...hugs to you both from Ora in KY

Debbie said...

I remember my Mom making chocolate gravy but I don't remember how she made it. Best I recall she didn't make it for breakfast and she didn't make it often but it was kind of like a treat to go with our homemade biscuits at supper time. When you have a family as big as ours ya gotta stretch the meals the easiest way ya can.

Well, they claim eggs are good for you now. Who knows? If you find a place to get grits you can eat my share too, but I love me some good old homemade biscuits & gravy with eggs (yellows runny, whites cooked don't want no slimy whites)and some sausage or bacon and some fried taters. Yum! Yum! Now I'm gettin' hungry, hahaha.


Lucy said...

Oh you all, don't like grits, con't care for biscuits and gravy, give me eggs, whites not runny and toast and hashbrowns. Gravy on my potatoes will do. I have a sneaking suspicion I ate b to much bread and gravy when there was nothing else. Oh well hungry enough I will eat most anything that is edible.