Friday, October 23, 2009

Jessie Mozelle Bost Darnell

Sherry on the left, Mozelle, Kat, Shirl and Ruth the girls in the family. This is in Mo ans Jr. house. It was one of the nicest houses I ever built. The ceiling in this room was 16'. Mo came in once while I was building it and said, ' Jackie, how am I going to clean those windows way up there?' I told her that was her problem, I just built what she wanted. LOL
My Brother Jr. and Jessie Mozelle. At one of our Christmas get togethers. 'The sitting room.'

Jr. and Mozelle at an earlier Christmas party, This was at Kat's house I think.

This was Jessie Mozelle, she was always beautiful.

Boy, today I slept late, it doesn’t take long to retrain me. We relaxed most of the day and headed for Glasgow, Kentucky. We ate at a Captain D’s and shopped at WalMart.
The drive was beautiful. I love the country here, rolling hills with the beautiful fall colors covering them. This area is famous for caves and caverns. This trip we plan to go into the Diamond Caverns.

Shirl went to the receiving for Jessie Mozelle in Shelby. She met a lot of folks from her past. Shirl was very young when we lived in Shelby, not quite first grade. I was just a baby.

Dad being a pastor moved on to the next church, leaving two sons married and raising families in Shelby. Odis Howard the elder and BF Jr. next. Jun (as the family always called him) married the beautiful Jessie Mozelle Bost. She was quick witted and could sometimes make a cutting statement.
The last time we visited her she was kidding about her condition (Alzheimer’s). I asked, “Well Mo, I mean Jessie, how is it going?”
“Well today I am here, they tell me sometime I am else where and don’t know it. So today here I am, but tomorrow I might not be here.”
Shirl said,” Well you have a birthday coming up soon.”

“Do I? I don’t even know how old I am.”

Sherry said, “You will be 83 soon.”

Quick as a whip she said, “But I don’t look it, do I?”

We all got a good laugh. Sherry and I remember one incident very well. WE lived in Missouri and my dad always wanted some wagon wheels to put on either side of his walkway and drive. He asked if I could find some in Missouri. I did find four at $5 each. I had a one wheel trailer and loaded it with the wheels and some other stuff. It looked pretty ragged on the back of our 1955 Nash Rambler.

Jun’s china shop was about forty miles from Dad and Mom’s but on our way. So we pulled in to the ‘Jerry-Jo China Shop’. Mo looked out the window and warned everyone to watch for thieves, a bunch of Gypsies just pulled into the parking lot. We got another laugh on that one.
They buried Jessie Mozelle Bost Darnell today. She has been part of our family for nearly seventy years. We did not visit often, but we knew she was there. I wrote to keep in contact and I have a couple letters still in a folder she wrote to us.
Of course the family will miss her, she leaves two outstanding sons with very good families. I was always proud of my brothers, Jr. & Odis. They are both gone. Now we lose Mo.

Ruth, the remaining Sister In Law is still with us, Our family is dwindling. BUT everyone who has passed were outstanding folks and successful in their own right, their having been here will not soon be forgotten.
Sail safely Jessie Mozelle……
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Life is a vapor, seen, felt and gone.


Anonymous said...

God Bless you guys during this time of grieving and loss of Mo...she lived a happy and pleasing long it seems...sorry you had to miss the funeral...but I figure she knew you were thinking of her...and thus we move on...with our fond and hugs from Ora in KY

Debbie said...

Wonderful tribute to a beautiful lady. May she rest in peace. Though you couldn't be there I'm sure she knew you were there in spirit. She left you with some great memories to remember her by.

Love & Hugs

shirl72 said...

Good picture of Jessie Mo. Everybody thought
she had a face lift, But she did not she just
looked young. A sweet lady with her own personallity and she will be missed.


Paula said...

She was a pretty lady and this is an interesting tribute to her.

Helen said...

She was a beautiful lady. She lives on through the memories you have of her. Helen

Anonymous said...

That's a nice post Jack. Hope you both enjoy the caverns, sounds like fun. Take care!

Lucy said...

What a nice tribute to a lovely lady from the way you describe her.

Sheila Y said...

She was a beautiful lady. Sounds like she was fun to be around too. But I think all the Darnells are. Sheila

betty said...

what a very speical tribute to Jessie Mozelle; she was a beautiful woman; I'm sorry for your family's loss