Saturday, October 3, 2009

WE are okay, Just LOST! LOL

Been awhile and may be another while. The computer has been in and out and back in when I discovered it was not fixed. I am sharing this laptop with Sherry and reading blogs and e-mails.

We have been very busy at home. Taking care of tying loose ends together. Helping the kids where we can and visiting with Shirl. She is very busy herself. I can’t remember when I had time to work? Hahaha!

Thanks for all the e-mails and the concerns. It seems that the big computer that I use is Partitioned wrong. It is a 500GIG computer and thinks it is only 50Gig. I have 36000 pictures that about fills that up.
Funny thing, two ‘very computer savvy guys’ have looked at it so far and could not convince it that it is 500 Gig.

We are enjoying reading the blogs. I miss blogging. We will be back in the groove soon, one way or the other.

Love you guys.
Nite Shipslog.

PS: I have been telling this joke until everyone is sick of it.

Lady in the Grocery store looking at frozen turkeys. She cannot find one big enough for her family. Young kid comes by that works in the store.
“Young man, these turkeys are small, do they get any bigger?”

Kid looks at the lady for a moment confused, then answers,” Ma’ am they are dead!”

See you guys in a week or so, hopefully sooner.


Paula said...

So glad you two are okay. You are both missed and Shirl too.

betty said...

I wondered what happened to you guys; I thought maybe Blogger was messing up and not sending me updates; glad you are doing okay and it is just computer problems; but I'm sure you are enjoying spending your time with family (especially Shirl :)


Helen said...

I have been wondering where you two have been. I hope you get that computer fixed soon.You may have to save those pictures and have it wiped out and start clean again. Helen

Anonymous said...

Will wait for you to be back :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry and Jack! We're holding down the fort while you're away! Glad to see your post, I hope the "geniuses" sort out your gigs! I spent the last week worrying about the dogs, they picked up a parasite we think, but they're okay now, nearly back to normal! Take care!

Lucy said...

Wow, you 2 came out and showed yourselves. So good to see and hear you both. Hope you get that fixed for good soon. Shirl has been appearing fairly often but she is such a busy gal I feel honored when she visits me. I don't think we 2 older ladies do to bad. Hurry back. Lucy

shirl72 said...

Glad you let people know you were just having
computer trouble. I hope they get it fixed
soon so you can get back to your blogging.


Woody said...

Glad everything is OK with you 2, missed yer posts!!!

Melanie said...

Glad to see you back again..thought you guys got lost in the


Sheila Y said...

I'm glad Shirl untied you long enough to make an update. When you and Sherry get ready to leave, Sherry will have to pay the ransom (RV park fees)before Shirl will let you go. Good job Shirl throwing off suspicion like that... ;) Take care, Sheila