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Our church in NC has a drummer, a nice guy and he is an active cyclist. Just a few months ago he was riding in some charity ride near Asheville when he had an accident. He was near death for awhile, but now is recovering.


Just a day or so ago an astronaut lost his last chance to go into space and even do a space walk, due to a bicycle accident. As I have grown older, pass-times hobbies have become more dangerous, I get knots inside when I see or think of what has now grown to be called ‘extreme’ sports. Nerves and skills are pushed to the limit. Things are done now that one couldn’t even dream of in the past.


(Many injured one killed by a drunk driver in Mexico)

Growing up, bicycles were transportation until you could get your license. Now adults regularly ride highways beside cars doing 70 miles per hour, ride down ski slopes in the summer and ride the edge of cliffs in the mountains. Most of the time it is for exercise, but much of the time it is in competition also.

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(Here they are with some of their first trophies, before they left they had a house full)

While we were stationed in GITMO I had a little scooter. Someone had started a moto cross competition and Jackie wanted to ride in it. We ended up buying both boys moto-cross bikes. I bought a Bultaco bike for myself. I never raced.

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(On the ferry going to a race on Leeward point Jack on #44, Mark buttoning his jacket)

This morning I was thinking about our boys racing and how I would run across the hills when one had a accident. I ran so much over time that the crowd would yell, go daddy go!

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(Jack in a turn)

I was telling Wayne about Mark’s first accident. Mark misjudged a turn and crashed. By the time I got there Jones had helped him back on his bike and he was gone. After the race Mark and I were talking about his wreck. Mark, who was 8 at the time, asked me, “Dad what is my family jewels?” I laughed and asked why he wanted to know.

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(Mark flying high)

“Mr. Jones,  asked me if I had hurt my family jewels.” Just part of the NEVER ENDING EDUCATION process!

Learning is important for youth, BUT  REMEMBERING becomes the challenge of age. 

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Something that was heard when this car was new:

1955 DeSota

1955 DeSota (by Chrysler)

'If cigarettes keep going up in price, I'm going to quit. A quarter a pack is ridiculous.


Dar said...

Oh the kids put us through the wringers when they were ' experimenting ' with danger. I just recently learned how Dusty ' really ' busted his tooth and nearly all his ribs. He did mess up his back and the truth about the 3-wheeler accident surfaced when the doc asked him if he knew he had broken ribs at one time and messed up his vertebra...that was 30 yrs. ago and "NOW" he tells me. I guess they figure, what Ma doesn't know, won't hurt her, or himself., meaning the 'speech' besides the hurt body and missing teeth. Not that I have ever done anything foolish...I was the good lil girl. Ha!
Smoked ONE cigarette in my life, in college, and it Damn near kilt me...end of worrying about where the next nickel, dollars were going to come from to support a bad habit...glad you quit, Jack.
Great entry

Helen said...

Riding those bikes does look dangerous. Helen

Lucy said...

Everyone says that if "cigarett's" go up one more time they are going to quit, and the next time cigarett's go up that same person is saying the very same thing. I hate the smell of cigaret's and people can't figure out how I know when one has been sneaked. It is in their clothes, hair and all. I know cause I worked in a bar and went home reeking of the place.

Paula said...

My girls always tell me how lucky I am that they didn't sneak out of the house at night like their friends talk about that they did. I tell them the windows in our old house was stuck with paint and wouldn't open anyway.

shirl72 said...

I feel the way about dangerous sports. Our
drummer will never be able to play again. I will just keep both feet on the ground and use my
car for transpotation. The older I get the
less venturous I am. It is a challenge to keep from falling going up and down steps and not falling off the curb.



Fred Alton said...

Dangerous, but fun! People experience the pain and take the risks just to get that extra shot of adrenaline rush. Had a teen-ager who raced a dirt bike. His parents supported it completely, often missing church to be at the races. I left a Gen Assembly in San Antone to drive all the way to Atlanta to pray with him after a major wreck. The Doctor told him, "Don't race anymore if you want to live long." Doc told the parents, "Don't let this boy race again if you value his life." Did that stop them? In spite of many tearful promises to the preacher and to God, (you got it right) quitting lasted only for a race or two - then it was back to the races. Fortunately, God was good and the boy stopped before he had another accident. He's in church, married, has a child and doing well today.

I Tried that smoking thing too...when tobacco was a nickel a sack for "roll your owns". Had to sneak around to do it, but that was part of the fun!!!

~mel said...

I've done lots of gutsy adventurous things in my life ~ and don't regret a single one! Chalk them all up to life experiences ~ you only live once. Like the saying goes...

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body; but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming - "WOW!! -- What a Ride!"

Anonymous said...

Many getting well wishes. Once I did break me two rips and one pierced the lung - two weeks hospital, after riding a bike down a mountain.
Will see what happens once the kid is old enough. Great pictures ! A safe road ahead and a good weekend.

Ally Lifewithally said...

We have to take some chances in life ~ and when I think back to the one's I have taken I am just so glad they are all in the past :O)
Isn't it amazing how smoking is now outlawed ~ when I watch any old films they are all lighting up as it was the done thing ~ glad that is something I don't do or don't want to do :O) ~ Ally x

Jean said...

Our youngest son is a hiker,he loves to canoe on the long canoe river races. The time he made this trip I don't think I sleep the whole time knowing he was on the river alone having to stay awake.

Jean said...

Sorry Jack that address didn't work, um. I just put in, Texas river canoe, shawn boyett. When it came up. Hope you and Sherry have a nice warm day.