Saturday, January 1, 2011

I know where it is!

Happy New Year from our home to yours!!!!


(The guy on the right up there has all his belongings on the trailer and p/u truck, we used to put our belongings in the truck and back seat of the car)

Sherry and I were talking about how lucky, fortunate and blessed we are, as we drove down the road a couple days ago. It is no secret; I have the best wife, friend and lover in the world. She makes me feel like a King.


(Our home in Florida, now(note the sunshine by the shadow))

Our life ‘on-the-road’ suits us both, we love it. It is hard for some folks to imagine living full time in 320 sq ft. I get the question from men all the time, ‘how do you live with your wife in those quarters?’


(That is the shower and bed from where I am sitting)

My answer is: I love it. She can’t hide, I enjoy seeing her in the shower from where am typing (not right now! (but I wish!)). I can see her get dressed (and undressed), what is there not to love?


(That is Sherry’s seat across the table, and on forward is our picture window of ‘our’ world) (That is a fresh orange on the table BTW)

I have mentioned here before, once I had an epiphany, (a sudden realization: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence).

I realized just how fortunate I am. This girl has willingly followed me thru my many whims and life changes. From a Marine, to a laborer for the Charlotte Observer, to an Airman, to a preacher, to a Sailor, To Roach Coach owner, to an entertainer, to a builder and on to a wanderer. I thought of the many nights and days she was alone raising two boys while I was gallivanting over the globe. I realized in a little way that I had been trying to repay her for all her love and dedication.

After that, I started a concentrated effort to make her life easier. I enjoy cooking for her. I enjoy washing dishes, cleaning the Motor home (she won’t let me do that all the time, but I enjoy it when she will put up with it). I enjoy giving her a full-body massage at least once a week (usually). I want her to enjoy the senior part of her life.

One of the things that is nice here in the motor home is simplicity. We use two plates (or bowls) two glasses or cups a pot or a couple bowls for each meal. We seldom ‘lose’ something, it is near somewhere.

Washing dishes this morning I was missing the cup with Sherry on it. I looked she was not holding it, it was not on the table the simple answer: It is in the micro-wave where she put it to re-heat her coffee and did not get it out. YEP! There it is. Simplicity, our style now.


(This is looking behind me at the kitchen, Sherry is reaching to get the dish rag (yeah we have a dish rag), she is avoiding pictures, says ‘She isn’t dressed, but she is. The slow cooker has our black eyed peas cooking)

Thanks for coming by the log.

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I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.


If you are interested:

Jack’s diet Tomato soup:

Stalk celery chopped (9 cals)

1 can of diced tomatoes. (87 cals)

1 cn fat free chic. Broth (20 cals)

1 onion (60 cals)

Seasoning dash of Mr. Dash (0 cals)

Salt/pepper (?)

½ can water

Dash of rolled oats (to thicken) (10 cal)

Squirt of ketchup & squirt of mustard. 15 cals (?)

201 cals total.

Boil then simmer 20 mins.

I pressure cook 7 mins.

Run thru a blender

You can add some red food color to make it pretty


Lucy said...

All I can say it has got to be true love to live in close quarters like that. I do love my husband but if I had to be that CLOSE all the time, I would walk and let him drive for a while for my get away time. I doubt There are true loves as deep as you and Sherrys. Both of you The Best of all the New years yet to come.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You two have the good life. I think that is the way couple should be. To enjoy life together is what it is all about. I hate to hear a husband or a wife run the other down. Life is too short! Happy New Year to you both! Lots of Love and Hugs from northern Ohio! I forgot to say all our snow has melted here but it will be down below freezing again tonight!

Jean said...

Happy New Year to you Jack and Sherry! I agree with Lucy, love my husband but living in close space together might not work,lol. He likes to watch tv and can't do without the remote.He doesn't care for computer.He likes to read western books will sit and read until finished. The only time he might turn the tv off, lol. We've bought him hundreds of books and can't wait for new ones to come out each month. You and Sherry are great together.Take care, Jean

Lucy said...

I am glad Jean agrees with somewhat with me. New Years resolution. I will never write what some people might call running Joe down. I will not promise that you may not hear something about a hard headed bohemian. That is truth, not running down. Ask someone whose name begins with a "P". My blogs will be a lot shorter. Lol

~mel said...

Happy New Years Gypsy King and his Gypsy Queen!! I LOVE how you two are living your lives ... some day I hope Slim and I can do something on that same order. I'm not big on resolutions; because I usually have them broken within the month ~ but this year I really hope to follow through on it. My resolution is to simplify and de-clutter. We just have too much stuff!

As for your home ~ You have ALL the room you need, everything has it's place and purpose ... you don't need anymore than that.... besides each other ~ and you certainly have that taken care of... AND you have a dish rag!!! Seriously, what more do you need!!

B. Knox said...

Lucy, I got a good healthy laugh out of the "hard headed bohemian" comment.

I'm thinking the kind of compatability I have with my husband would require a little more space than an RV.

Jack, I think it's great that you and Sherry are enjoying life and each other!

The orange looks great.

Helen said...

Happy New Year to both of you. May you keep those trails hot. You are doing what you love to do so who would I be to discourage that?

Fred Alton said...

Your kind of life and love is the envy of many! I'm very glad you have each other and are obviously devoted to each other. I confess that now and then Frances and I have to have "our space" but I know that - without my Frances - life would not have had near the meaning and endurance we have had...even when we had a two-story house!!! She has followed me half way around the world. Best thing that ever happened to me outside of my experience with the Lord. Keep those fires burning.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful ode to love and life. Impressed. A safe road ahead throughout the whole year. Please have you all a wonderful Sunday, and many thanks for your comment.

Dar said...

Seeing that gorgeous 320 sq ft LoveShack in the campground just down the road a piece, was one of the sweetest blessings of our lives this crazy year. You two have it made in the shade and the best part of it?, you know it and enjoy every second of it. You are two special folks and we are honored to know you. Like Mel said, and you have a dish rag, what more could you ask for. LOL

shirl72 said...

It is like living in an efficiancy apt. what
more do you need you have Kitchen, bath and sitting aresa.. I would only need bigger closets.
You both live the life of Riley.


Bookncoffee said...

Love seeing the inside of the "home on the road". I soooo envy you two! Hope George and I can do something like that one day. We love to travel and explore. So great that you have the relationship that you do. Glad you found Sherry's cup. lol I'm always losing mine around the house. Usually up in the top of a closet where I left it to get a shirt off the hanger to wear that day. lol

Paula said...

Got a kick out of Lucy's comments. I have an idea she and I could walk together. Bet we would have a lot to talk about. Not gossip, the truth. lol I'm amazed at the small space you live in and think its great if you can live without "stuff".

Ken Riches said...

Happy New Year to you both. I enjoy reading about your travels :o)