Saturday, January 22, 2011


In the park we just left, we unhooked everything, raised the jacks, hooked up the car and pulled it to the edge of the park. We decided since the day was nice and we weren’t in any hurry, we would walk around the park one more time.


Most of the time we hold hands as we walk and talk. This park happened to have a counselor aboard for a few days and she was out in front of her RV. As we walked by she walked out, (Florida has a lot of newlywed ‘old folk), as we approached she looked down at our hands and said, ‘newlyweds huh?’ (Or something like that). Sherry answered and said, ‘Yes over 54 years ago.

The lady acted surprised and said something like, ‘you guys look so in love’. Sherry replied, ‘We are’.

We do argue at times, one of our biggest arguments is ‘Who is going to wash dishes’, we both try to get the job. Sometimes I win. Haha!

Scanoldpic6 015 - Copy

I guess one of my secrets (if there is one) is how lucky this 17 yr old boy was to snag this ‘hot’ lady in the mid 50’s. We were going steady in 1955; maybe that is why I love the ’55 cars’.

We laugh when I joke about only seeing her ankles. Of course I knew she had Betty Grable legs just from the ankles. To see the knees I had to marry her( I thought it was worth it!).

Of course we have had our ups and downs, but it is much easier to remember the ups, and we do. This girl will let me kiss her about anytime. I felt rather ----- the other day in Walmart and grabbed her and started to lay a big one on her, when she realized where we were, drew back and said, ‘ what will everyone think?’

“They will say that old man is one lucky sucker!”

“NO!” she says. Sooooo, she draws the line in Walmart, I will remember that! HA!

Thanks for coming by the log.

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PS1: Did I tell you we went fishing; we actually went boat riding since we did not get one hit. But there is always next time.


Phrase heard when this car was new!

1955 buick century

1955 Buick Century

'Did you hear the post office is thinking about
charging a dime just to mail a letter?


Fred Alton said...

A man, (or was that a boy) a nice car and a pretty woman... that might describe the Jack Darnell's I first met 52 (or more) years ago! I love it that you have kept the flame of your love burning and are proud to let others see it. (Hey's o.k. to kiss him in Wal-mart.) Our young people need to see a good example of true love and loyalty. ☺

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree with Fred there, You two are a great example of true love and loyalty. It looks so lovely there at your place, blue skies and sunshine. It will come again here, but for now it's nothing but frozen snow here.

Ken Riches said...

Pretty special :o)

Jean said...

Jack walking, walking and holding hands and loving each other will help you stay healthy and live longer. Like MA said you two are a great example of true love.

Paula said...

I would rather see Sherry and Jack kissing then some of the things I see in Wal*Mart.

Anonymous said...


Please have you all a wonderful Sunday.

Sheila Y said...

I think you would be a wonderful example to the kids in Walmart too...and the adults...
Take care,

shirl72 said...

Love is wonderful. You and Sherry are Lucky
to still have each other.

We had a 55 Century but not a convertable I can remember it because it had 4 port holes. Remember Dad's 54 and I ran into a ditch and the gas tank came loose. The man at the Service Station knew Dad and said I need to call your Dad because it's an expensive repair. He was trying to scare us. He just put it back up on the lift and screwed it in place, no charge. Everyone laugh. We were scared for awhile. We finally told Dad.


We are getting snow again Tues. or Wed. sorry
you will not be hear to enjoy, HEE HEE


shirl72 said...

Looks like I am having trouble with words that mean the same and spelled different. LOL It should be here not hear. LOL I am getting older remember. Birthday getting closer everyday.
If my English Teacher could see me now. I am
trying to think I can be excused for miss-ups.
One problem I do know the difference. I wasn't
born this age. Didn't mean to take up this much


Dar said...

You two are still cute as when you were first dating. It's a wonderful thing to see such true love and devotion. My folks had it right up til Dad passed away, and still today, Mom's love remains deeper than ever. They, too, met when just teenagers, celebrating 59 yrs. together until the Day the Lord needed Dad elsewhere.
Keeping the flame lit is obviously, no problem, for a love as strong as yours. We saw it the minute we met's in your eyes, so it glows through your heart. That's a gift from God.