Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Moving our HOME!

We have moved again. We were on Lake Griffin in the state park. We got to go fishing one time, no hits or bites, therefore no fish (If it wasn’t tooooo cold we would go to the FISHEREE in Northern Wisconsin). We will try Lake Okahumkee next week I guess. The name should at least produce a fish, don’t you think?


During these Switches we do not travel far. Most times from 20 to 60 miles.


But the move is always fun. It is the same amount of work to move 20 miles as it is to move 1000 miles. It is not that much of a chore.

****Roll the awnings in.

****Then disconnect the water.

****Move the slide-outs in.

****Lower the TV antennae. (If we have raised it, most of the time we have not.).

****Dump both the black water (Sewer) and the grey water (sink & bath water).

****Take my Flags and name plates down and store them.

****Load the boat on top of the car.

****Disconnect the electric

****Raise the jacks.

**** Then I start the diesel engine to build up air pressure and raise the coach.

****While it idles, I hook the van up for towing. Yeah we tow the van, even for 20 miles. I want my Sherry up front with me. It takes about 30-45 minutes.

****After a final walk around, we are on the road again with our house.

****All the time I am outside Sherry is inside securing stuff so it won’t go flying in case we have to hit the brakes in an emergency. Doors and drawers have to be secured and noisy pans and dishes need padding, etc.

Today’s trip took us thru the ‘The Villages’, a famous retirement area here in central Florida. They are still building there.


We are back at our home park here in Florida, Three Flags. We will be here Three weeks before heading to Rainbow Springs State park, closer to the West Coast of Florida.

Thanks for coming to our move….


Nite Shipslog


Statement heard when the car below was NEW.

1955 Ford airlane conver

1955 Ford Convertable

Who would have thought gas would someday cost 29 cents a gallon. Guess we'd be better off leaving the car in the garage.



~mel said...

It's not cold here anymore ~ it's 27 degrees out right now and that's ABOVE ZERO! Seriously, it's a tropical heatwave. Yesterday was the first day since New Years Eve that it's been above zero ... so we're really enjoying this warm spell. By Saturday, for the fisheree it's suppose to drop a few degrees; but we're not complaining. The next time you make it to my neck of the woods we'll have to go fishing!! I'll even talk Slim into letting you ride in his boat with the big motor and you won't have to use the fold down portable ... or better yet we could take a cruise on the river in Daddy's boat ... although you'll probably have to wait your turn because Momma doesn't let us take that boat whenever we want ~ and I know Pastor Dietz has dibs on a ride before anyone else.

Happy day to you and the bride ~ Now go catch some fish. Don't make me come down there to show you how!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess a change of scenery is nice but it does sound like a lot of work. Of course this time you got to meet up with some friends. Maybe that's your plan the next time too. Any where in Florida must be nice so enjoy! It will be nice again here come April.

Lucy said...

It does sound like work for a small jaunt but if it is something you are used to probably not a problem. It was 9 degrees when we got up. or I should say I got up at 5:30. I heard on CNN there was a possibility of a tornado in Fla. I know it is big but didn't think of it being much for tornado's.

Jean said...

I was thinking about you and Sherry yesterday when hearing the tornado warnings down that way. You didn't mention having any there. I know you're okay.

Helen said...

Hubby has a cousin who lives in the Villages. We have never been down there. Been living there 4 or 5 years I suppose.
Hope you soon catch a mess of fish.
Love those new type homes ha ha.

Anonymous said...

What an adventure ! Impressed by your patience. Please have you all a good Thursday and safe road ahead.

shirl72 said...

Elmer ask me at Church were you were in Fl. He
said they were calling for really bad weather.
I guess you are safe because you haven't mentioned any bad weather. I wonder where the goat man is these days. I guess he has gone to the great beyond.


Paula said...

Sounds like you and Sherry have the move all down to a science. Do you ever forget to do any of your list? Like the pictures of the little houses on wheels.

Sheila Y said...

That is a long list to go through at 2am, when you are trying to high tail it out before the bill collectors get there...haha.
Enjoy your new 'home', Sheila

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Fred Alton said...

Ha, Jack! Now it comes out. You like to be on the road so you can pick up those hitch-hikers! Naaa...that can't be...because you said you want Sherry up in front by your side. Sorry you're not catching fish. I'd love to be there with you and try my luck. One of these days, maybe.

Rose said...

That is too much work for me! LOL But, it is routine for you guys.

Enjoy your next stop.


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Ken Riches said...

Used to love our 28' trailer growing up, but did not like the winterization. Looking forward to the open road again (plan on a few months per year in retirement).