Monday, January 17, 2011



There seems to be a lot of folk born in January, and a few actually on January 17th. Many Dad’s &

(or) Moms must have gotten frisky in April. Surely it wasn’t an April fool’s day for moms!!

I didn’t hear many but I remember a little ‘off color’ joke from my child hood, ‘He was only poking fun, and she took him serious!’


(First attempt at self mirror picture)

Whatever the reason (Shirl insists I was just a mistake, LOL), HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US ALL!!

We have Joe… on the 16th.

Dad on the 14th

Rose on the 3rd

Me, Ace & Mel on the 17th (I always celebrated my dogs BD on the 17th) along with:

1706 Benjamin Franklin (statesman)

1820 Anne Bronte (author)

1860 Anton Chekhov (short story writer)

1899 Al Capone (Gangster)

1922 Betty White (actress)

1928 Eartha Kitt (singer) (Santa Baby)

1928 Vidal Sassoon (hair stylist, beauty expert)

1931 James Earl Jones (actor, narrator)

1939 Maury Povich (talk show host)

1942 Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) (boxer)

I know I will miss some, but Happy Birthday to all of you January folk anyway.

Birthdays are special, especially for kids. Once you are an old kid, one is nice, but not a big thing. But thanks for all the Happy Birthdays from the net and our family. I even got ‘text’ messages from Jack & Reece and figured how to answer them. THREE from UTAH (Carol, Corey, or Ben?) One is from Corey, got a picture of the new baby!!!


(I hated all the practice shots, but I finally got a picture of one of my birthday presents!)

We are off to the Olive Garden to continue our celebration which started last night sometime and is still going on. It is great when SHE is your best friend, wife and lover!!!!

So today I am 72 years old, I remember when I couldn’t count that high!!!

Once in the Navy, I had to bring some SAILORS back to the states to catch up on some work. I borrowed computers on several ships. I worked the troops around the clock ‘til completion.

I got them together and thanked them for working so hard and said I will arrange our flight back. My good buddy Wayne said, ‘Jack, are we heading back to Gitmo before we even get a massage?’ I had forgotten, I had single guys who had been on GITMO for months without seeing a girl that was not taken.


I apologized and gave them a day of R& R in Norfolk before heading back. The next day they were all smiles. I asked Wayne about the massage Parlors, since I had never been inside one. I had been married since I was 17.


He said, “For $20 you get a ‘Front or back massage, and one extremity of your choice’,” he smiled and said, I always choose my right arm or a foot.”


Sooooo last night I chose.. Oh well, I enjoyed an evening like most OLD FOLKS at 72 laid back and relaxed. Yeah, I know the celebration was a day early, but at my age you worry about buying bananas too old. Strike while the iron is hot, etc.

Thanks for coming by the log,

Nite Shipslog


We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

08232009 003

1939 Buick, 1939 baby(In 2009)  Both still running, one less than the other.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Birthday to you! You are in the company of a lot of good folks. We have 4 January birthdays in my family 1 son and 3 grands. Hope you enjoy your special day. It is a cause for celebration!

~mel said...

Keep your hat on old man ~ you're putting a glare on the picture! So how many practice shots did it take? They say practice makes perfect!!
Enjoy your day with your best friend ever ~ and just wanted to say it one more time today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Lucy said...

That picture of what you got was the best present of all I bet.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Funny entry, sailor! Happy birthday and many more! I get the feeling you could have pulled off that mirror shot on the first try....


Jean said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!!I like the mirror shot nice picture. You keep having birthdays and you will soon catch up with me. lol. My dad was born in January he was a great guy. Take care, Jean

Glenda said...

Looks like another GREAT Birthday, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from Athens, Greece.

Always a safe road ahead and wonderful Tuesday for you all.

Dar said...

Jan is a busy birthday month on my calendar, 8 including you, dear sweet Jack. Dad's birthday was also in Jan. You sure don't act 72, if there IS a way a 72 yr young, is supposed to act. Bill and I were trying to guess how old you were, here you had both of us fooled. You really are as young as you feel and I see you 'feeling' your best friend pretty tight. Hang onto that best present. You sure have been keepers for one another. Happy B-Day again.

Fred Alton said...

Oh Mercy! Here I see a man and woman in love and proud of each other who are graceful people. You two are great examples of what marriage should be like. Keep it up!!

Paula said...

I can tell you didn't like that practise. My sister ten years my senior has a birthday on the 28th. So glad your's was a nice one. Keep on havin' 'em.

Ken Riches said...

Happy belated birthday :o)