Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cow-Horn Jelly and a New Oven!

We are gonna get an oven! Since we have had this motor home we have missed the oven. There is a combo, micro and convection oven but we cannot get used to it. We just like the oven where God created it, under the burners. Hahahahahaha!


(Now is that sexy or what?)

So as usual my shopping place is on the internet. I was hoping to find one locally as reasonable as the net, but it doesn’t seem likely. We plan to make the decision by tonight.


And we had cow-horn jelly with our supper last night! Yeah to go along with the last of the left over black-eyed peas, salmon patties and greens we had cow horn jelly. It was a gift from Smoky, Shirl’s beau. Smoky was born and raised in Texas, he is still a cowboy at heart. He is a good country and western singer and cut a few records. At one time he owned a recording studio. Randy Travis was one of his customers and he wrote a bestselling song for Randy once. He is a card and has great ‘dry humor’ or at least that is what I call it. He is a good friend and he helps keep Shirl out of trouble. It doesn’t always work, but he does try.

cowhorn jelly

When I find out what is in the jelly I will let you know. At first I mentioned I would eat Cow Horns, but I draw the line at cow-hoof jelly. Ever smell a horses hoof when it is trimmed? Stinks!!!!! If cow hooves are anything like that, it would be a no-no. Remember toe-jam as a kid? That is how it smells. Hahahahaha!


When I was little and I didn’t listen to mama and I knew a  paddling was coming, she would always say, “Son you’ll never believe cow horns can hook.” It was not until I was grown that I found out what she meant, I was not a country kid, and she was from the farm and used those euphuisms.

The jelly is a little hot, so it may be from cow-horn peppers; I found them on the net, but still not cow-horn jelly. Ever heard of it?

Shirl just e-mailed to say it was from Jalapenos’.


Thanks for coming by the log.

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I loved this little car, we owned a White 1963 when we lived in Cuba.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That's a new one to me. I've never seen or heard of Cow Horn Jelly before, and if it is made with jalapenos I won't be ever having any of it for sure. I like sweet green peppers the half hot yellow peppers and that is as far as my pepper experiences go. Great idea to get a oven. I miss having one in my camper. I have a toaster oven that lets you bake some things but I haven't figured the secret of convection oven cooking yet.

Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Yep....heard of it....How about "Hog Head Cheese"...that was real popular in south Georgia when i was a kid.....!!!
Enjoy the new oven......LindaMay

Helen said...

Nope never heard of cow horn jelly. I do know there is a green pepper that is sorta long ans slim and curved around that is called cow horn. I have eat pepper jelly with cream cheese on those wafer crackers. Pretty good but it made my tummy hurt. Helen

Paula said...

I think I would like it after all. After seeing it doesn't look yucky. I like things a little peppery too. Interesting subject. On and interesting about Smokey too.

Fred Alton said...

It don't look bad. I've tried a lot stranger looking food than "cow-horn" jelly...some I liked and some peppery stuff gave me instant hiccups. Achar, I think it was called, made with mango and "wee-weeree" peppers in Guyana, S.Amer. It was especially made for a wedding feast. I was told that if they didn't make it hot enough there would be none left for the bride and groom! ☻

~mel said...

I make a jalapeno pepper jelly that is really good with a little dollop of cream cheese on a saltine cracker. It kinda cuts the peppery taste .. you know us Yankee's ~ we can't handle too much of the hot stuff like you southerners.lol Yum! I bet that cow horn jelly is about the same as that.

I just pulled some raspberries out of the freezer today and made up some jam.

Dar said...

Yessireee, Your Cow Horn Jelly does sound like the Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Mel and I make. And you do have to try that on a saltine with the cream cheese topped with your CHJ. I can guaran-darn-teeya ya'll like it!
Love the stove, so is that the one you're getting? I love cookin' with gas!
BlessYourHearts heck MissYa'll

shirl72 said...

I love my jelly on a small bagle. I will call
Anna and ask how it is made to satisfy my
curiosity. You are right Smoky wrote hits for
Randy Travis when he first started singing. His son performs in Nashville now. Smoky has also
played in a lot of bands in Nashville. At our
age we are about ready to hang our intertaining
up. A body has to know when to quit. How did
I get on this subject when we were talking about
jelly. I guess it was because you said Smoky was trying to keep me out of trouble. I am doing very well.